Tossing Your Money Down the Christine O’Donnell Money Pit

Thank you for paying my rent and utilities with your campaign donations!

As previously reported, Christine O’Donnell gets 95% of her known campaign funding from out of state donors. So how does she spend that out of state money that she hopes will buy her a US Senate seat from Delaware for herself?

According to Christine O’Donnell’s most recent FEC filing for the April, May, June reporting period, a big chunk of that money went to paying her living expenses.

Out of the $55,930 dollars that Christine O’Donnell spent on her campaign in that 3 month period, $7,158 of that went to pay her phone bill, her electric bill, her cable bill and the rent on the townhouse in Greenville Place that doubles as her campaign headquarters. The cable bills were $158, $87.90, $135, and $96.21, indicating charges beyond just a simple internet connection, a little Current TV maybe?

Still unpaid on that report is the $4,018 she still owes to the Airport Business Center from her 2008 campaign.

Paid on Christine O’Donnell’s FEC report is campaign staffer David Hust from Texas who was sharing the Greenville Place townhouse with her. He received $2,820 in compensation from the O’Donnell campaign during the reporting period.

Unpaid was 2008 campaign staffer David Keegan from Delaware, the man who Christine O’Donnell had physically removed from her 2010 campaign announcement. He’s listed as still being owed $528 from O’Donnell’s 2008 campaign.

Here are some interesting expenses:

Christine O’Donnell’s web consulting was out of Las Vegas, Nevada, her photo shoot was out of Philly, her legal services were from Virginia and her accountants are also in Virginia. But then why not send the campaign money back to the states it came from?

And we’ll end with this: $306.28 to Integrity Custom Collision in New Jersey for “campaign veh repair.” Now that’s probably an interesting story.

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22 Responses to Tossing Your Money Down the Christine O’Donnell Money Pit

  1. SomeLawyer says:

    Mike, it’s even worse than you suggest, as the FEC regulations appear to be quite clear.

    The federal campaign finance laws and regulations are quite specific about certain things, including the prohibition that campaign funds may not be used for a candidate’s “personal use.” 2 U.S.C. §439a(b). “Personal use” is defined to include expenditures for (i) household food items and supplies, (ii) clothing, other than items of de minimus value such as campaign t-shirts, and (iii) mortgage, rent, and utility payments for the personal residence of the candidate. 11 CFR 113.1.

    O’Donnell’s attempt to avoid these limitations by claiming her apartment is her campaign headquarters is precisely the sort of sham that the FEC regulations were designed to address. Expenses related to a candidate’s personal residence are not proper campaign expenses. Period. There is no exception for having the “headquarters” at the residence.

  2. This was by Wanda- not me

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  4. DC says:

    Apparently, Wanda, you don’t check your facts very well. If you did, you’d know that Christine does not live at the townhouse that you speak of. She does not disclose her place of residence because during her last campaign, her house was broken into and ransacked by an “unknown” perpetrator. As a woman, you should understand not wanting to jeopardize your safety. Besides being a Castle-paid blogger, what’s your real problem with Christine? Oh, and David Hust, yes he’s from Texas and yes he gets paid by the campaign because he is an EMPLOYEE. Check your facts and lose the personal vendetta.

    • anontoo says:

      Are you claiming that she is living somewhere else and paying campaign money to rent her townhouse? Who owns the townhouse that she is paying rent to? This is all very confusing.

    • Tennessee Walker says:

      I have had female friends that prefer having male roommates in part to provide physical protection. David appears to be a strapping young man who could handle himself should the need arise. Plus most campaign headquarters for statewide candidates, that I have seen, have volunteers around most of the time. Having more people around should deter any assault on Christine’s person and property. This new place would appear to be the safest location Christine could find. Why is Christine leaving a place of such safety to drive to a super secret location where she is once again an alone single female???

  5. jason330 says:

    Crap. I really thought that O’Whackjob was going to take a bite out of Castle. Oh well. When you hear this….

    Christine does not live at the townhouse that you speak of. She does not disclose her place of residence because during her last campaign, her house was broken into and ransacked by an “unknown” perpetrator.

    …you know you are dealing with a crazy person.

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  7. cookie says:

    And we’ll end with this: $306.28 to Integrity Custom Collision in New Jersey for “campaign veh repair.” Now that’s probably an interesting story.

    Why would she have the vehicle fixed in New Jersey? We have plenty of good body shops in Delaware. Why won’t she give her business to those employed in Delaware?

    • orestes says:

      Maybe the car couldn’t make it back to Delaware from New Jersey. You know how cars can break down on those campaign stops to New Jersey.

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  11. Greetings.

    I’ve been reading posts on multiple sites regarding this race, and I have some “disinterested” suggestions…as a GOP Committeeman involved with the Tea Party Movement and heavily supporting Pat Toomey and Mike Fitzpatrick…recognizing that “nobody is perfect.”

    First, Christine will be speaking @ the Loyal Opposition meeting [First Thursday of each month @ the Union @ 7 a.m.]. This is an off-the-record event, but she WILL be asked to answer to the charges raised in these posts regarding her personal-$$$.

    Second, close friends like her and, after having listened to Mike Castle defend his “Cap and Traitor” posture–
    –it is understandable that he can be viewed as a RINO; it would be desirable if he were to have documented his posture regarding “carbon.”

    Third, the Byron York piece is, charitably-phrased, “troubling” regarding her candidacy–—-inside-the-GOP-1004524-99585124.html#ixzz0vBu9Mu80
    –because it reveals unrefuted vulnerabilities that assuredly would be invoked by the D’s in left-leaning Delaware; being open-minded regarding the polarity of forces at-play, it is vital to ensure the R-nominee CAN WIN.

    Fourth, the posts on RedState have been reviewed–
    –in an effort to appreciate the reasonable arguments that have been conjured in this “hot” race; the allegation of a super-deal has not been documented [the presumed initiation of the posts], but the larger issues have been well-illuminated.

    Therefore, it would be desirable to read input from credible individuals representing both parties that would tend to RESOLVE these controversial allegations…documented!

    • anontoo says:

      If you’re going to challenge her, make sure you print the documents and bring them with you. She’s been fairly effective at wiggling out of similar confrontations because of the lack of documentation.

      • cookie says:

        Christine will even go as far as to say the documents are fabricated but trust me, they are not.

    • Tennessee Walker says:

      Dr. Skarloff you ask for documentation to resolve this “controversy” I don’t know where you have been. ALL of the case against Christine O’Donnell is amply documented. The News Journal article in March is backed up with public documents. Christine O’Donnell responds by saying all of the charges are lies and smears. Why don’t folks like you demand some documentation from Christine O.’Donnell. Christine makes outrageous claims on her website that Mike Castle is going to change his party to Democrat and then resign his Senate Seat to allow Deomocrat Beau Biden to become U.S. Senator. Why does not anyone ask C. O’Donnell for documentation of her smears?

      One side has already documented their case. C. O”Donnell does nothing but call everyone else a liar, then pretend that she is persecuted.

  12. Wanda Maximoff says:

    Every post on O’Donnell has documentation to back it up. I would suggest you go to this article:

    It has court documents that prove she lied to Byron York, and to the local Delaware media. It also has links at the bottom for the other posts related to COD, all with documentation.

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