Glen Urquhart: We {{HEART}} Mike Castle

This was sent to me by a woman who was on the Host Committee for the “Women for Castle” fundraiser at Abbott’s Grill in Milford. The event was held on May 17, 2010, just two days after the Republican State Convention. She informed me that you had to be on board by the first week in April, over a month before the Republican State Convention, to make it on the invitation as part of the Host Committee.

If you look in the middle of the last column on the second page you’ll see the name “Angela Urquhart.” Angela Urquhart is the wife of “Conservative” candidate Glen Urquhart.

The "Women for Castle" May 17, 2010 fundraiser invitation

The arrow points to the name "Angela Urquhart" who is the wife of Congressional candidate Glen Urquhart.

Were the Urquhart’s betting on Mike Castle beating Tea Party darling and self anointed “Conservative” Christine O’Donnell at the Republican State Convention?

You decide.

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2 Responses to Glen Urquhart: We {{HEART}} Mike Castle

  1. cookie says:

    Urquhart plays all sides of the equation. Last night, he talked about endorsing Christine O’Donnell, so I assume those two will be running as a team now.

  2. Christine O'Denial says:

    Angela Urquhart supports Castle? I deny Glen Urquhart has a wife!

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