Comment Rescue: Home Sweet HQ

Please send me more money, I have a cable bill to pay

Yesterday I put up a post titled, Tossing Your Money Down the Christine O’Donnell Money Pit that said this:

Out of the $55,930 dollars that Christine O’Donnell spent on her campaign in that 3 month period, $7,158 of that went to pay her phone bill, her electric bill, her cable bill and the rent on the townhouse in Greenville Place that doubles as her campaign headquarters. The cable bills were $158, $87.90, $135, and $96.21, indicating charges beyond just a simple internet connection, a little Current TV maybe?

A new commenter had this to say about it:

Apparently, Wanda, you don’t check your facts very well. If you did, you’d know that Christine does not live at the townhouse that you speak of. She does not disclose her place of residence because during her last campaign, her house was broken into and ransacked by an “unknown” perpetrator. As a woman, you should understand not wanting to jeopardize your safety. Besides being a Castle-paid blogger, what’s your real problem with Christine? Oh, and David Hust, yes he’s from Texas and yes he gets paid by the campaign because he is an EMPLOYEE. Check your facts and lose the personal vendetta.

And this is my response to them:

I always check my facts. In fact, let me show you how well I checked. This is Christine O’Donnell’s voter registration card, click it to enlarge:

Christine O'Donnell's voter registration card dated 1/19/2010. The address on the card is GREENVILLE PLACE 1242 Presidential Drive, Wilmington, DE 19807

It lists O’Donnell’s address as “Greenville Place 1242 Presidential Drive, Wilmington, DE 19807.” In a March 2010 interview Christine O’Donnell states that she lives there, and it doubles as her campaign headquarters:

She shares her new residence, a three-bedroom, two-bath town home in Greenville Place, with David Hust, a campaign staffer who is originally from Houston, Texas. Hust promotes himself on his Web site as a Christian rock music singer.

Greenville Place lists the prices of a town house rental between $1,645 and $2,020 a month, depending on the number of bedrooms and square feet.

O’Donnell said she pays half of her rent with campaign donations because she also uses the town home as her Senate campaign headquarters.

“I’m splitting it, legally splitting it and paying part of it,” she said. “This is our technical headquarters.”

O’Donnell said she has separate, private quarters and that staffers, like Hust, live in the other portion of the home.

“I am renting from the campaign,” she said. “I’m an unconventional candidate because I believe that we have to make sacrifices.”

Those are Christine O’Donnell’s words, not mine. As of June 2010 she is still registered to vote at that address.

Here is a page from Christine O’Donnell’s most recent FEC report, it shows a disbursement of $1,410 to “Greenville Place” on 4/1/2010 for “campaign office”:

A page from Christine O'Donnell's most recent FEC filing, it shows a $1,410 disbursement to Greenville Place for Campaign Office.

There are 2 other payments of $1410 to the same address paid on 5/3/10 and 6/3/10.

Here is another page of Christine O’Donnell’s most recent FEC report. It shows payments to David Hust for “Tech & IT Services.” Hust is a campaign employee and paid, which was my point. His address is listed at 1242 Presidential Dr. Wilmington, DE 19807, the exact same address that appears on Christine O’Donnell’s voter registration card:

Christine O"Donnell's most recent FEC filing shows payments to campaign staffer David Hust whose address is the same as the one on O'Donnell's voter registration card.

This is also from her most recent report, it shows “Debt and Obligations” to David Keegan in the amount of $528:

From Christine O'Donnell's most recent FEC report showing money owed to 2008 campaign worker David Keegan, the man who was physically removed from her announcement.

So as I stated, Christine O’Donnell paid David Hust, who lives at the same address as O’Donnell, which doubles as O’Donnell’s campaign headquarters, but she still has not paid David Keegan, the 2008 campaign worker who was physically removed from her March 2010 campaign announcement.

So today, kids, we learned that the information in the post titled, Tossing Your Money Down the Christine O’Donnell Money Pit was based on facts.

Is it legal for Christine O’Donnell to pay her living expenses with donations to her US Senate campaign? I don’t know. I never addressed the legality of her actions.

But if you, the reader, think that it may be illegal for Christine O’Donnell to pay for her living expenses with campaign donations, and you feel the need to report Christine O’Donnell to the FEC for using the money donated to her US Senate campaign for her living expenses, you can report her to the FEC by clicking on THIS LINK.

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26 Responses to Comment Rescue: Home Sweet HQ

  1. anontoo says:

    It is an abomination that we rejected an honorable, successful conservative like Tim Smith for this fraud in 2008. What were you people thinking?

  2. Jason330 says:

    …and so Mike Castle defused the O’Donnell wingnut bomb, the tbagz skulked back into their bunker holes, the Country Club staff removed one soiled table cloth, and the elegant affair that is the DE GOP lived happily ever after.

  3. SomeLawyer says:

    How can anybody seriously suggest that Ms. O’Donnell doesn’t have to disclose her place of residence? In order to be a Senator from the great state of Delaware, she has to be a Delaware resident. She can’t hide her residence. Good grief. Think these things through.

    Just because some folks are in love with Ms. O’Donnell and her political values doesn’t mean that she is running a credible campaign or otherwise in compliance with the law.

    • Tennessee Walker says:

      Technically, Christine does not need to be a Delaware resident until the day of the election. She could ride back to New Jersey every day until November and then still assume office.

      “No person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.”

      If she is indeed living elsewhere she is violating Delaware Election Law by claiming one place as her residence and registering elsewhere. If she is not a resident of the town house on her Voter registration form then she is not eligible to vote for herself.

  4. Brud Lee says:

    Scorched earth primary campaigns are never a good thing. Especially when the outsider has a poor track record at the polls when given the advantage of party support. But if such a campaign has to be taken on, the candidate needs to be perfect – no hint of impropriety. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

    The amount of unitemized donations is troubling to me. Donations can’t be anonymous – if I give $100 to a campaign like Christine’s three times, I have exceeded the threshold. Every donation must be itemized, only the ones exceeding $200 must be reported. My (albeit limited) experience with campaigns says that amount of unreported income is large for a Delaware race.

  5. cookie says:

    So let me get this straight. Dwight from the previous thread was told by Christine that it was okay to pay for her place of residence with campaign contributions. BUT, she doesn’t live there??? BUT, she is registered to vote there?????? And she won’t disclose where she lives????? Because her house was broken into????

    I think that that there is much more to this than meets the eye. What does she have to hide by not disclosing her place of residence? Who is she scared of?

  6. jason330 says:

    I don’t hear any sympathy being expressed for the real victim of O’Donnell’s abject stupidity…..Chris Coons.

  7. Jason O'Neill says:


    Can you explain how you came into possession of Christine O’Donnell’s polling place card?

    The readers of this blog have a right to know if possible mail theft has occurred here. Clearly the image you have provided shows that the address is not Wanda Maximoff.

    So who intercepted her mail? Who helped you?

    • Is the answer-

      A) One of the possums O’Donnell was breeding at her Lincoln Street address foraged it from her trash, scanned it and emailed it to me.

      B) George Bush did it because he thinks O’Donnell is a loser, too.

      C) It was Bill Clinton in the Oval Office with a cigar.

      D) It was e-mailed to me from someone sitting in Mike Protack’s driveway with a laptop.

      E) Bite me.

      Post your guess below, the winner will be announced when Christine O’Donnell becomes a US Senator.

      • cookie says:

        LMAO!!!! I’ll take “E” for $1000 Alex.

        • cookie says:

          Wait, wait Alex. I’ll take “A” for a $1000.

          Alex: “Christine O’Donnell is breeding this animal at Greenville Place.”

          Cookie: “What are trash foraging, mail scanning possums?”

  8. Anontoo says:

    Mail theft? You folks get caught lying and all you have is mail theft? On a document that could be obtained via FOIA?

  9. ThePostman says:

    The campaign car is fixed in Jersey. Past FEC reports show her getting gas in Jersey. She gets food in Jersey. I think she lives over there.

  10. jason330 says:

    Christine O’Snookie

  11. kent republican says:

    no way…Snookie’s a Slut. And Chistine….well isn’t!

  12. jason330 says:

    Both whores.

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  14. Not to defend O’Snooki here but the large amount of unitemized donations is consistent with money bombs. I know for sure that Red State had one for her and I assume some other blogs did as well. Of course her defenders argue that she’s getting these small dollar donations from within the state. We’ll have no way of knowing unless O’Donnell releases her donor list.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      UI those money bombs that bring in large amounts of unitemized donations were all conducted out of state by national blogs, so the idea that her unitemized donations were somehow all in state is far fetched to say the least.

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