Christine O’Donnell: Why Are We Learning The Truth Now?

Who am I?

Christine O’Donnell has been running for the US Senate in Delaware since 2006. Over the course of the 4+ years that O’Donnell has been running for office, she has done lengthy interviews with every major radio station, TV station and newspaper in the state. You would think that we would know all there is to know about O’Donnell, but apparently we don’t.

In March of this year, Delawareans, including myself, were stunned by an article that appeared in the News Journal about Christine O’Donnell. It was the first time we learned that O’Donnell was not given a degree by Fairleigh-Dickinson University because of non payment of debt:

California reported the debt as satisfied in 2003, but she was never conferred a degree by Fairleigh Dickinson because of non-payment.

Up until that point, citizens of the First State had been lulled into believing that the perky candidate who ran on good values was a college graduate. It opened many of our eyes to a fact that had been ignored, Delawareans really don’t know who Christine O’Donnell is, and the more we learn, the more we feel duped.

Yesterday I was floored when I read this tidbit in a story by Byron York in the Washington Examiner:

She attended Fairleigh-Dickinson University but was not allowed to graduate in 1993 because of unpaid tuition. (She actually went to the ceremony in cap and gown, she recalls, and “I was handed a leather portfolio, and inside, instead of a diploma, there was a bursar’s bill.”) It took her 10 years to pay it off.

When Christine O’Donnell ran for the US Senate in 2006 and 2008, this story never came out. O’Donnell never told Delawareans or the Delaware media the truth about being handed “a bursar’s bill” and not her diploma on graduation day.

But now, many years after her first run for the US Senate, we get to learn about Christine O’Donnell’s graduation day from Byron York at the Washington Examiner.

To make the point clear, here are a few quick examples of news sources and organizations that touted Christine O’Donnell’s “BA in English” and degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2006 and 2008:

The Washington Post
FOX News
The Claremont Institute

How do major news organizations get their biography information about candidates? They get them from the candidate’s websites, and they get them directly from the candidate. A “BA in English” from Fairleigh Dickinson University doesn’t just magically appear on a person’s resume and in their biography.

In 2005 Christine O’Donnell filed a discrimination lawsuit against ISI, a conservative publisher in Delaware and the only company in Delaware to ever employ her. In the suit Christine O’Donnell makes this claim:

Ms. O’Donnell initially expressed reservations about this position, as she had applied for admission to a Master’s Degree program at Princeton University, to start in the fall of 2003, and was concerned that the ISI position would not fit with her plans.

How do you apply for a Master’s Degree at Princeton University when you never received your undergraduate degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University?

Ms. O’Donnell dropped the suit in 2008, claiming that she could no longer afford the legal bills.

If the News Journal had not taken the time to pick through Christine O’Donnell’s resume in March would she have ever come clean about her past to the people she wants to represent in the US Senate?

The answer is clearly “NO.”

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40 Responses to Christine O’Donnell: Why Are We Learning The Truth Now?

  1. I think most Republican voters would prefer to learn why they should vote for Mike Castle as opposed to why they shouldn’t vote for his opponent. Obviously, it’s easy to criticize an underdog challenger who has had financial troubles in the past, but it’s much more difficult to defend a career politician who consistently votes against his own party.

    • Dave Burris says:

      “I think most Republican voters would prefer to learn why they should vote for Mike Castle as opposed to why they shouldn’t vote for his opponent.”

      Why would that be the case, since the O’Donnell campaign consists 100% of telling people why they shouldn’t vote for Castle. There has not been one public offering of why people should vote for Christine.

  2. Wanda Maximoff says:

    Delaware Republicans have known Mike Castle for decades. His record as Governor is also known, and it’s known for balanced budgets, low unemployment rates and tax cuts.

    As a Congressman Mike Castle has been accessible to both his constituents and the area news media.

    It is becoming more evident every day that Delaware Republicans have no idea who Christine O’Donnell is.

    The media loved Christine O’Donnell when she broke out in 2006 as a write in candidate, you couldn’t lift up a newspaper without reading about her or turn on the radio without hearing an interview with her.

    She received the same good press through the 2008 election season when she ran against Joe Biden.

    She had ample opportunity for the past 4+ years to tell the Delaware media and the citizens of Delaware the story of how she never really got a degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. I think anyone would have understood.

    But instead Delaware learned about it yesterday, from an out of state news paper, many years after the first time she introduced herself to Delaware and told us to trust her.

    Christine O’Donnell made the decision to allow the fallacy of her degree to stand as the truth.

    This is about the TRUTH, not her debts.

  3. Jason O'Neill says:

    You are confusing how college degrees are conferred. You can complete all college requirements as Christine did, but like the graduates of today – there was a recession in 1993.

    How many college graduates from the classes of 2009 and 2010 have jobs now? Not many. I bet have have outstanding student loans, that need to paid off.

    Just like any doctor or lawyer who has student loans, are they now forbidden from running for office because it took them 10-15 years to pay off that student loan debt?

    This is an elitist attack on something that isn’t there. Given we are in a recession, your half-baked attack won’t stick. The public wants solutions, and they will see right through your elitist bull crap.

    • Dave Burris says:

      “The public wants solutions, and they will see right through your elitist bull crap.”

      I haven’t heard any solutions. All I’ve heard is tearing down Mike Castle, and some of what she’d oppose. She hasn’t offered any solutions.

    • Tennessee Walker says:

      Jason, I can never figure out if you are a skilled propagandist for Christine and Mike Protack or an incredible dope who never gets facts straight or does any homework.
      Most long term student loans come from a bank (Obama is changing this). These loans have government guarantees and anyone involved in such a program is conferred a degree upon completion of their academic requirements. The now former student has a degree and a big load of debt. All collection efforts for non payment must follow the usual channels of debt collection.

      There are also installment programs offered by Colleges themselves. One can register for courses by semester and only pay a portion of the tuition upon enrollment and then accept the responsibility of installment payments directly to the College. Every Educational instituion in the State of Delaware offers such an option. Since the College is the creditor, they are entitled to withold anything of value if the debtor does not make payment. In this case it was a diploma.

      Considering the small amount that Christine jilted Fairleigh Dickinson for and the fact that they were able to withold the awarding of the degree, It is safe to assume that Christine entered into a standard College tuition installment agreement and then bolted for California or wherever she lived after college. (Trying to figure out just what Christine did when is like trying to figure out how a J esus turned water into wine. It’s a Mystery.)

      At any rate laywers and doctors who still owe money on their education but are honorably fulfilling the terms of their loan agrements, are practicing law and Medicine. Unlike Christine they handled their responsibilities without having to be tracked down sued.

      Nice try Jason, You try to equate those honorably paying their financial obligations with one who has yet to do so.

    • Fact Check…

      There was no recession in 1993, 1992, nor 1991. In fact if you use the standard yard stick of two consecutive quarters of negative growth, there was no recession in 1990 either. While the economy did shrink in three of five quarters in 1990-91, it never fell in consecutive quarters.

      By the end of 1993, the U.S. economy had posted eleven consecutive quarters of growth, reaching 5.5% in the fourth quarter of that year. The unemployment rate had receeded to 7.1% by May and would fall to 6.5% by the end of the year.

  4. Wanda Maximoff says:

    “there was a recession in 1993.”

    According to this the recession ended in 1991:

    It then goes on to call the 1990’s “the longest period of growth in American history.”

    But this story is NOT about Christine O’Donnell’s debt.

    This story is about Christine O’Donnell making a choice in 2006 to not tell the voters of Delaware the TRUTH about her degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

    That’s not “elitist” that’s a basic value.

    I want to add this one point. I don’t believe this money was a “student loan” in the classic sense because it was a bill from Fairleigh Dickinson University and not from a bank. This would most likely be money that Christine O’Donnell owed the University through their tuition plan, not through a third party.

  5. jason330 says:

    The ability of O’Snookie supporters to rationalize is impressive. The bottom line? Pretend degree, pretend graduation, pretend residency, pretend candidate.

    At this point I would not be surprised to learn that she has had three abortions.

  6. RJ James says:

    All this petty BS is just one more reason why I changed my political affiliation to Libertarian and I’m voting for Libertarian candidates. If there are no Libertarians available, I’m voting for a qualified candidate that is not an incumbent, like Christine.

    • Tennessee Walker says:

      Well You can’t vote for Christine in the Republican Primary because you changed your affiliation to Libertarian. Smart Move there. If She loses in the primary your choice will be Castle and Coons.

  7. anontoo says:

    “If there are no Libertarians available, I’m voting for a qualified candidate that is not an incumbent, like Christine.”

    Qualified? Having no job, no experience, no significant accomplishments, failing to pay your bills and living off of your campaign makes you qualified?

  8. You’re wrong that we just learned that she didn’t get her degree. It was in Ginger Gibson’s article earlier this year. I remember reading it there.

    She’s had ample time to pay her debts and formally receive her degree. Why hasn’t she, O’Donnell supporters?

  9. anon says:

    It looks like O’Donnell lied in her court deposition, who does she think she is, Bill Clinton?

  10. mrowe says:

    I’m soo sick of this personal smearing and bashing. Really, some of you people sound like you’re still in high school! Our country has had terrible leadership and EVERY career politician will have to be held accountable for their actions! I myself can’t wait until after the primary so I can change my party affiliation from Republican to Libertarian. Is this what has become of the GOP? Castle is in trouble because of his voting record, period! He is pro- choice (he has a 10% rating from the National Right to Life Commitee), he has said that he won’t vote to repeal Obama Care, voted YES for Cap and Trade, voted YES for Cash for Clunkers, voted YES on increasing funding for AmTrak an additional $241 million, and when was the last time AmTrak turned a profit, he voted NO on prohibiting suing gunmakers and sellers for gun misuse (when was the last time a gun shot and killed someone on it’s own without someone pulling the trigger), he has an “F” rating by the NRA, he just recently was one of 2 Republicans to vote for the Disclose Act (maybe his NRA rating will go up to a D), and he voted NO on reporting illegal aliens who recieve hospital treatment. He has one of the most liberal voting records out of any of the Republicans in the House. I’m not here to bash Mr. Castle for I can only judge him on his voting record. Now I realize that Christine has had her problems in the past but she is who I’m going to vote for because she is pro- life, she believes in small government, and she supports the Constitution of the United States of America. I wish Mr. Castle would debate her but there are writers on here who have said that she doesn’t deserve a debate. It’s not about whether or not Christine deserves the debate, it’s about the citizens of Delaware deserving the debate, and many people on here believe the citizens don’t deserve it. The Delaware GOP has become, as many Republicans have called themselves, “Pragmatic”. When someone is pragmatic they are practical and nonideological. So I ask the Republicans who write on DT, if you truly are pragmatic, then what do you stand for and what should the Delaware GOP stand for?


    Mike Rowe

    • RJ James says:

      Well said and welcome to the Libertarian Party! People are finally starting to open their eyes and take back their country from corrupt career politicians. And Castle supporters shouldn’t worry to much, Mike can always get a job as a Lobbyist like the other politicians do when they leave political office.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      These aren’t problems in the past. Christine O’Donnell’s debt was in the past, she was misleading the voters in Delaware about her college degree for over 4 years and the falsehoods ended 4 months ago.

      This is a recent issue, and it shows a distinct lack of character on the part of Christine O’Donnell and a distinct lack of respect for Delaware’s voters.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      mrowe I hate to break it to you, but all of the smearing is coming out of Christine O’Donnell.

      Everything in this post is factual, and has documentation to back it up. “Smears” don’t usually come with documentation. These are FACTS.

      What the people “deserve” is the truth, and we’re not getting that out of O’Donnell, that much is crystal clear. O’Donnell says she stands for “values” and I wonder exactly what “values” those are. They are certainly not “values” I would want anyone to pass along to their children.

    • anontoo says:

      When you establish your identity as a moral crusader and run a campaign based on values, you open yourself up to examination of your character and values. Telling people that they shouldn’t have an abortion, even if they’ve been raped, or telling people that they are second-class if they love someone of the same sex puts you in a position of moral judgment over others. It makes all of this fair game, so long as these bloggers use documented facts.

  11. jason330 says:

    She doesn’t deserve a debate. There is no reason for Castle to debate Ms. O’Snooki (h/t orestes) and she is still stiffing Fairly Ridiculous University and on top of all that she has not yet answered the abortion question.

    What is she hiding?

  12. cookie says:

    If I finished the coursework and paid the outstanding loan, I would be asking for my diploma.

    So what I don’t understand is that if she finished the coursework, paid off the debt that she was sued for in 2003, why does she still not have her degree?

  13. RJ James says:

    If having (or not having) a degree is what you base your vote on (as opposed to voting for someone who will actually read and follow the Constitution) it is no wonder our country is in such a mess. I don’t want someone in office that wants to grow the government, our debt and our involvement in other countries’ affairs. I want someone that will dismantle Big Government, entitlement programs, the IRS and the FED. Who has experience in that?

    • cookie says:

      The point is not that she doesn’t have a degree. The point is that she lied about it for the last 20 years along with many many many other things. All the lies do not make her a credible candidate.

  14. a reader says:

    “I want someone that will dismantle Big Government, entitlement programs, the IRS and the FED. Who has experience in that?”

    Uhhh…. nobody, not even the Republicans you types have been electing for years.

  15. anon says:

    RJ, following the Constitution is sort of like following the Bible. It ain’t as easy as reading the words. People can’t even agree on what promoting the general welfare means. Anybody who claims the read it and will follow it to a “T” is full of crap.

    You may want to dismantle Social Security Medicare for seniors but most of us in Delaware do not. Regarding dismantling Big Government where do you want to start? Customs? FBI? FAA?

    I already got a dose of small government. Waited 4 hours to get my car inspected. If that’s freedom you can keep it.

    • RJ James says:

      There isn’t much in the Constitution to have to follow. It doesn’t give much power to the Federal Government. The main job of the Federal Government is to protect the people and their rights from domestic and foreign attack (so the FBI and Customs have a legitimate reason for existence). Social Security on the other hand was set up as Insurance (SSI), not a Retirement Plan, which is why it is insolvent. Most everything else the Federal Government is doing, is either unconstitutional and shouldn’t be done at all or should be done/decided by the States.

      As far as being willing to give up my Freedom due to a 4 hour wait (and the Federal Government doesn’t do car inspections)…I’m not so willing to give up my Liberty; I’ll put up a fight and wait my entire life to restore the Constitution, our States Rights and regain our lost Liberty.

  16. Stossel-Fan says:

    The bottom line, once again, is that Christine hasn’t been on the level with her various claims. Oh, she now says, I did everything to get my degree, but I owed the University money, so I don’t have it. But, I paid all the money. But I still don’t have the actual degree (which is rather odd; if she has paid up, one would think that she would then receive the degree, so either she hasn’t paid up or she didn’t do everything necessary to receive the degree).

    Now, Ms. O’Donnell claims that she took part in the graduation ceremony and when handed her “diploma” it was really a bill from the college. Really? Is that her story now? Does anyone truly believe that?

    It seems to me there are at least three things wrong with this tale. First, if she wasn’t receiving her degree, then she wouldn’t have been allowed to take part in the graduation ceremony. Second, if she wasn’t receiving her degree, why would her name have been called to come up and receive her diploma, as there would have been no diploma to hand her. Oh, but she says she was handed a bill at the ceremony instead of a diploma–really? C’mon. The University would not have known that Ms. O’Donnell would be showing up at the ceremony, as she wasn’t receiving a degree, and if she asked in advance, she would have been told she could not participate. Does anyone really believe that she was handed a bill at the graduation ceremony?????? Give me a break.

    But, hey, if you are willing to believe Ms. O’Donnell’s latest version of her story, then let me talk to you about this wonderful bridge for sale in Brooklyn…

  17. Tennessee Walker says:

    Stossel-fan I have heard of situations such as this. I Personally know of High School students who were allowed to walk in graduation ceremonies despite failing a core course and being required to attend summer school. In All of these instances the student was informed prior to the actual ceremony of what was going to happen.. None were surprised.

    Their are benefits to this from both the perspective of the school and the student. The relatives of the student who were in attendance were given a chance to celebrate. The student did not have to admit that they came up short to anyone but their parents. All was made good in due time.

    Students passed their summer school remedial courses. The schools did not have to cause embarassment to a potenial alumnus and future donor.

    The part that I find unbelievable is that it was a shock to Christine that she did not get a diploma when she knew she still owed FDU money. In every instance of which I am aware when a student was allowed to walk but did not receive a diploma, the student was informed of what the conditions would be. All students were given the option of not walking in graduation. .

  18. Joe Cass says:

    Good morning! Your friends over at Redstate have a sense of humour after all:

  19. anon says:

    Most everything else the Federal Government is doing, is either unconstitutional and shouldn’t be done at all or should be done/decided by the States.

    Fortunately, what’s constitutional or not is decided by Congress and the Supreme Court, and not by a committee of teabaggers.

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