Christine O’Donnell: How to Live on Less Than $13.00 A Day

How can I afford to live?

The wait is over and Christine O’Donnell’s Financial Disclosure has finally been made public. Christine O’Donnell’s Financial Disclosure covering the period from 3/09 to 6/10.

Christine O’Donnell’s report lists only two sources of earned income for the 15 month reporting period. “Earned Income” is defined on the document as anything “more than $200 from any reportable source in the reporting period.”

One source of earned income for Christine O’Donnell was a $3000 payment for “services rendered” from In Service America, which appears to be a telemarketing firm that also does event management out of Forest, Virginia. The other listed source of earned income for O’Donnell was a $2,800 payment from Family First, in Lebanon, Ohio.

Both of the organizations that O’Donnell earned income from in the period from 3/09 to 6/10 were out of state operations.

And that’s what Christine O’Donnell has listed as “earned income” for the 15 month time period from 3/09 to 6/10. That breaks down to an average of $386.66 a month, or less than $13.00 a day in income over a 15 month period.

This was mostly during a period of time when Christine O’Donnell was still carrying over $20,000 in debt from her 2008 Senate Campaign.

Interestingly, Family First, one of her two reported sources of earned income, describes themselves on their website as “…a conservative political action committee serving Ohio and Northern Kentucky. We operate with donations and the volunteer help of citizens who are concerned about our country. Together we can elect conservatives, one office at a time!”

Can someone tell me why a candidate for the US Senate is taking A PAYCHECK from a political action committee whose sole aim is to elect people to office? Is that even legal?

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44 Responses to Christine O’Donnell: How to Live on Less Than $13.00 A Day

  1. The campaign required an extension (due, allegedly, to a heart attack suffered by a lawyer) to file this?

  2. Marco Boyce says:

    What is this nonsense?

    “If Mike Castle becomes the next United States Senator from Delaware he is going to get sworn in, serve a bit, then become a Democrat, resign, and let Beau Biden get an appointment.”

  3. “If Mike Castle becomes the next United States Senator from Delaware he is going to get sworn in, serve a bit, then become a Democrat, resign, and let Beau Biden get an appointment.”

    Complete and utter nonsense. And more than a bit insulting to Rep. Castle as well.

    Not all of us agree with him all the time. But Mike Castle is a Republican. Unlike Arlen Specter, he’s been one all his life. Unlike Dede Scozzafava, he’s never had his spouse shop him to John Daniello as a party switcher.

    Maybe he’s not as conservative as I am or most of us here are. But Mike Castle has stood by this party in its best times and in its darkest times. Less than two years ago, Castle transferred $30,000 to the state party when it needed money. Would a party switcher do that?

    I doubt there is a Republican in this state that he would not stand behind if asked. And there are not many Republican candidates in this state that would turn down a chance to door knock with him.

    Arlen Specter was a Democrat until he was 36 years old. Dede Scozzafava was actively seeking to become one until John McHugh’s House seat came open and she was at the front of the Republican line.

    Mike Castle has been one of us all his life and he’s not going to change. Let’s stop the silliness.

  4. jason330 says:

    Marco Boyce,

    I was surprised to see Red State commenters beating the shit out of Eric Erickson for that BS. The LOVE bullshit over there.

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    Now that’s the type of juicy conspiracy theory I can appreciate .
    The only problem is that it doesn’t make sense. Why would Castle cut a deal for a senate seat that he can win on his own ?

  6. Joe Cass says:

    Is it possible for people to pony up $15.00 a day to get her to cease and desist? Is it worth that much?

  7. cookie says:

    She can’t live on $13 a day. And pay $1400 rent a month. And eat. And survive. Where is the money that she lives on coming from? Obviously not from her employment. So where?

  8. fightingbluehen says:

    Would it be a stretch at this point to consider that she lives at home with her parents, and her Barbie dolls, and Easy Bake oven ?

  9. GeorgeC says:

    I think it is pretty apparent she is going to run in the general whether she wins the primary or not.

  10. Stossel-Fan says:

    I think we can now conclusively put to rest the notion that Christine O’Donnell has a successful small business or, in fact, has ever been successful at anything. It’s also quite obvious why didn’t originally file the report–she had nothing of substance to report. $5800 in income over 15 months? Give me a break. How does she eat? How does she drive? How does she pay for her rent or utilities? How does she buy clothes? Either she has a rich sugar daddy she’s not telling us about, or she really is living off her campaign contributions and is running for office in order to pay her living expenses, or her report is not accurate. But, the notion that she is fit to be Senator should be conclusively put to rest. $5800. Incredible.

  11. cookie says:

    This all raises another question: What has she been doing all this time? She obviously doesn’t work 40 hours a week and I rarely saw her at a Sussex event last year, or much this year. Where has she been all this time.

  12. And how does she pay for all her travel expenses?

  13. Christine says:

    But I like my Barbies and my Easy Bake oven.

  14. fightingbluehen says:

    We know you do Christine. We know you do.

  15. DelaWhere says:

    After reading all the above a couple of times, I think there is only one possible conclusion.

    Folks, we are all screwed!

    When someone puts their all on the line to try to make a difference, and all people can see, say or do is to chastise, belittle and bemoan their efforts we are in trouble…

    When a candidate nuzzles up to a Marxist Greek Billionaire ‘One Worlder’ (George Soros) as Castle has done repeatedly (Look at who founded the Main Street Project that Castle has jumped on in ’94 and ever since) then he votes to curb any possibility of recovery or growth with the Cap and Trade using as his reasoning in his press release another Soros organization (Center for American Progress), votes against parental notification if a child is being transported across state lines for an abortion, votes against missile defense, votes for broad hate crimes legislation, votes for TARP, co-authors DISCLOSE bill to muzzle small groups and give a pass to big unions, big corporations and special interest groups, can’t find any reason to defund or repeal Obamacare – and people fawn over his record, there is only one outcome. I didn’t even mention his ‘F’ score on 2nd Amendment or his ‘D’ from Liberty Central or….. well, you should have the point by now.

    Probably the biggest insult to us all is the buying of the State Republican Party – with funds he received from Wall St. firms that he voted to give Billions to (our tax dollars) so that the Party and it’s Chairman (Tom Ross) so he would then find every opportunity to badmouth his opponent. Geesh…

    Then we should consider the ‘Green’ aspects – Solar cells and windmills – are they the answer? With an area 60% of the size of Delaware required to just meet today’s energy requirements, with Agriculture being hobbled at every turn – despite the findings that sewage outflow is many times the pollutant that farms are and 90% of our State’s agricultural product has been capped, frozen and set up to decay, how short sighted can we be. I hope you enjoy that Chinese food we are importing…

    Then there are jobs – or I should have said WERE… Don’t think they are coming back either. When you tax and regulate yourself out of your job, it will be done by someone where they don’t face the same handicaps we place on ourselves.

    When a congressman receives almost 300 pages of legislation and two hours later votes for it and claims that he read and digested it, I question his honesty. When an elected official can’t see anything wrong with 1099’s being generated at every step of the economy to spend years sitting unread by the IRS which will number in the hundreds of millions, something is wrong.

    When a Republican candidate says he wants to be seated in the Senate so he can be more independent – do you think that means he will be supporting the party more? Not hardly! When he tells you what he is going to do, shouldn’t we listen? His record is clear.

    So, I guess this brings us back to where we began – Folks we are in one heap of big trouble when voters can’t be honest with themselves and question where we are heading.

    We are going to be soooooo screwed!

  16. rwd says:

    The George Soros/Main Street connection is Christine O’Donnell’s latest attempt at smearing Mike Castle. Her believers are spreading the rumor that George Soros is behind a group of moderate Republicans that Mike Castle belongs to.

    The truth is that the Main Street group returned the check immediately to Soros and refused his money.

  17. Dave Burris says:

    “When an elected official can’t see anything wrong with 1099′s being generated at every step of the economy to spend years sitting unread by the IRS which will number in the hundreds of millions, something is wrong. ”

    For the record, that provision was in the health care bill, which Castle voted against.

    • Cal says:

      “For the record, that provision was in the health care bill, which Castle voted against.”

      Please complete the sentence – Castle can find no reason to vote to defund or repeal the monstrosity…

      Just think – you get a roof put on your home, the contractor has to send one to Lowes, who generates another one to their supplier, who has to generate one for the felt supplier, another for the tar supplier, another one for the aggregate supplier, then the felt supplier has to write them to their suppliers of the fibre, the sizing, the wrapping, the transportation, and the tar supplier has to write one for his wholesaler, who has to write one to the refinery, who has to write one to the tanker that brought it, and to the pipeline that brought it to the pier, and oh yes, the producer, the aggregate supplier has to write one for the stone supplier, one for the colorant supplier and for the transportation – Then THEY continue on and on in absurdity!

      Of course no logical legislator would dare interfere with such a bureaucratic dream as that would they (Mike says it is not worth challenging)

      Fact remains – continue in this way and WE ARE SCREWED!

      • rwd says:

        Castle voted against the health care bill. And when he made his original statement about repeal, it was in the context of not with a GOP minority and a president who will veto. The door was never closed.

        Voting against the bill says it all. And his entire career that has been highlighted with his opposition to universal health care is the cherry on top.

        • Cal says:

          Hahaha, voting against the bill says it all?

          Only a political neophyte would make that statement.

          When Castle remained uncommitted for months and just 2 days before the vote did he ‘decide’ to vote no.

          HE WAS WAITING TO SEE IF THE DEMOCRATS NEEDED HIS VOTE TO PASS IT! Also know as Political Expediency, or saving your butt.

  18. Cal says:

    Ahhh, would that be the first $50,000, the Second $50,000 or the 7 figure offer he made.

    They only admit to returning the second $50,000.

    Now what would prompt such a man to keep trying to throw money at this if it wasn’t fulfilling his goals?

    Now, you are dead wrong about this being Christine’s Campaign. I am a solitary citizen (a septuagenarian) who has been reading the tea leaves for decades in politics. Didn’t even sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    Next you will say that CAP wasn’t funded by him … LOL

    I’ll let you do your own legwork – but a hint is Michelle Malkin covered this pretty much in depth.

    • rwd says:

      You mean the $50,000 Soros donated in 2002 before the group and most Americans knew he was anti Bush?

      And the “7 figure” donation was declined, too.

      • Cal says:

        Check their 990’s – Soros has multiple avenues and organizations to achieve his goals. It is very enlightening.

  19. Rich says:

    O’Donnell is a joke. I have seen her speak and she has nothing to say. When she is asked a question she won’t give an answer. She is a liar and a politician. The reality is that if she was an ugly chick, no one would be following her at all. She would be a complete non-factor. Wake up you collection of idiots! She will do nothing if she gets elected. You heard it here first. mark this post.

    • Tennessee Walker says:

      “The reality is that if she was an ugly chick, no one would be following her at all.”

      Isn’t that the way it usually is??????

  20. Marco Boyce says:

    I liked the old color scheme better.

  21. Geezer says:

    Not that facts have any place in wingnut thinking, but Soros is Hungarian.

    • Cal says:

      Yep, born in Bucharest Hungary, fled from there, the Greek move was his way to get a corridor to England which he couldn’t do with the Hungarian background he had. Made his first billion by crashing the Pound Sterling, then proceeded from there – betting against currencies and countries and then manipulating the result that benefited his fortune. Moved to the U.S. where he actively works to destroy our system, promotes ‘One World Government’. His tentacles are in literally hundreds of organizations through which he launders his financial support.

  22. Don't Fear The Truth says:

    Who cares about O’Donnell;s lack of money and where any money came from? Where did those stupid indefensible Castle votes come from?

    “I have seen her speak” , hey idiot, do you mean you heard her speak?

    The little men at this site don’t get it, Castle is toast.

    • Dave Burris says:

      I know that I speak for Stafford when I say thank you for calling us little. Such a great compliment so early in the morning, even from a router-boy sockpuppet, is a wonderful way to start the day.

    • I’m not a man.

      Christine O’Donnell is a candidate for the US Senate. The citizens of Delaware have a right to know where her campaign funding is coming from, and the people have a right to know how she earns, or doesn’t earn, a living.

      The fact that her supporters think this information shouldn’t be laid out in front of the public says it all.

  23. Renee says:

    So the question STILL begs to be answered:

    How does Christine O’Donnell live on $386.66 a month?

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