Welcome to the Delaware Republican Record

Welcome to the blog. A little while ago I asked the keeper of a blog to let me do some writing. It was fun, but I have decided to move on to my own blog. I have moved all my previous posts over to this blog. And I have more posts coming.

For the record, I am not Dave Burris or any of the other folks that have written on DT.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

– Wanda

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14 Responses to Welcome to the Delaware Republican Record

  1. LiberalGeek says:

    For what it’s worth, I know that you aren’t Dave and Mike.

  2. Hube says:

    Make that two of us.

  3. Mike Matthews says:

    I, too, can confirm that the mysterious Wanda Maximioff is neither Dave nor Mike. I look forward to reading more!

  4. Hube says:

    I think Wanda is Mike Matthews! 😉

  5. pandora says:

    Good luck, Wanda!

    Oh, and… ditto LiberalGeek, Hube and Mike!

  6. Tennessee Walker says:

    Welcome Aboard Wanda!!!!! You are the best at actually backing up your stories with real documentation. Too many bloggers just engage in flights of political fantasy and then mindlessly speculate on a premise they have never established.


    Bienvenidos y bueno suerte
    failte agus Dia’s dhuit


    I said: welcome and good luck

    welcome and good day (meaning hope it goes well)

    babel fish would not help you here

  9. RSmitty says:

    I guess this means the “drag-off” between me and Dave is now off?

  10. Moi Aussie – I know for a fact that Wanda is not any of the other writers on Delaware Tomorrow. But he/she is rockin’ this blog!

  11. well, I’ve never posted on a he/she blog before. Are you a transwriteright? Not that there’s anything wrong with that! How long before you dish the dirt on Burris? He doesn’t even answer his emails. At least Yates picks up the phone. Love your work over there, hope to see more of that high quality over here.
    As long as you’re researching COD, can you find out the status of her sexuality?
    Personally, I wouldn’t kick a girl out of bed for eating crackers but I would burn the bed if she’s aligned with FOX.

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