Christine O’Donnell: Errors, Mistakes, Smears, and Thug Politics

It depends upon what the meaning of the word is is. If the if he-if is means is and never has been, that is not—that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement.

The Federal Tax Lien

On June 28, 2010, candidate for US Senate Christine O’Donnell was on WDEL with Rick Jensen. During that interview she was asked about a Federal Tax Lien. She called the lien, “Thug politics at it worst…” and said, “There wasn’t even a tax lien.” This is that tax lien:

The lien was for the 2005 tax year and first assessed in 2006.

The tax lien was for the tax year 2005 and the first date of assessment was May of 2006, which was 2 years before she ran against Joe Biden for the Senate and 4 years before her bid against Mike Castle.

The lien was released in May of 2010. It is unclear whether Christine O’Donnell paid off the tax lien or whether it was dismissed.

The Mortgage Foreclosure

In March of this year Christine O’Donnell was interviewed by the News Journal and asked about “mortgage claims” on her Lincoln Street home. O’Donnell, “chalked up the mortgage mess to a technical error by the bank.” This is the initial filing by her mortgage lender:

The court filing by Christine O’Donnell’s mortgage company shows that O’Donnell stopped paying her mortgage in October of 2007, and her lender filed suit against her in March of 2008.

This is the subsequent May 13, 2008 filing by Christine O’Donnell’s mortgage company:

The May 2008 filing by O'Donnell's mortgage company shows she never responded to the suit.

The document shows that as of May, 2008, Chistine O’Donnell still had not made a mortgage payment, and was delinquent from October 2007.

The document also states that Christine O’Donnell, “failed to appear, plead or otherwise defend” which means that O’Donnell simply did not even respond the court notices she was receiving and the mortgage company directed the court to “enter Judgment by Default”. The word “FORECLOSURE” appears on page 2, where Christine O’Donnell’s mortgage company is asking for reimbursement for “FORECLOSURE COSTS” in the amount of $543.00.

In an interview less than a week ago with Byron York from the Washington Times Christine O’Donnell called the claims that she sold her house while it was in foreclosure “a flat out lie.”

However, the mortgage company filing not only shows that her house was in foreclosure, it shows that Christine O’Donnell was not paying her mortgage and would not “appear, plead or otherwise defend” herself against the mortgage company filing.

As of this posting, the tax lien and the mortgage foreclosure are apparently satisfied.

One more point: It is clear that Ginger Gibson’s March 2010 News Journal expose about Christine O’Donnell was correct and accurate. The News Journal generally makes my skin crawl, but that needed to be said.

UPDATE: And if there was any little shred of doubt, take a look at this beauty:

That document above shows the history of Christine O’Donnell’s mortgage FORECLOSURE.

Notice at the bottom, under the date 4/1/2008, you can see that Christine O’Donnell was “Served personally on 3-25-2008” by the Sheriff.

And this should put Christine O’Donnell’s false claim that the house was not in foreclosure when she sold it to rest. On 6-4-2008 a judgment of foreclosure was issued against her by the Superior Court of New Castle County.

The last entry on her case history states, LEV FAC RET’D – SHERIFF SALE 8/12/08 STAYED PER WHITTINGTON AND AULGUR

Which means that Christine O’Donnell’s house WAS IN FORECLOSURE, and the mortgage company’s attorney “STAYED” THE SHERIFF’S SALE.

Yet, less than one week ago, Christine O’Donnell told Byron York from the Washington Times that the claim she sold her house while it was in foreclosure was “a flat out lie.”

Game. Set. Match.

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22 Responses to Christine O’Donnell: Errors, Mistakes, Smears, and Thug Politics

  1. Phew…

    Remind me never to get Wanda mad at me….

    • Joe Cass says:

      And I thought Rush was the truth detector!

    • anon says:

      Apparently Christine got enough traction to trigger an establishment GOP response.

      You can do this kind of oppo research on anybody if you have the time and the money. Or if somebody sends it to you.

      • anon2 says:

        Apparently Christine told enough whoppers to get people digging into her claims.

        Don’t blame the establishment, this is all O’Donnell’s fault.

      • Dave Burris says:

        Actually, what happened was that the aggressive, nasty behavior of O’Donnell’s staff and supporters pissed off the wrong person. Make no mistake, the O’Donnell supporters brought this on. This did not come from Castle or the GOP or some interest group. This was done to her by the actions of her own staff by one person who just had enough of the unbalanced nutjobs and their attack politics.

  2. cookie says:

    The shit pile is getting awfully deep. I wouldn’t want to live in it.

  3. anon says:

    This is why I don’t use my real name. The Delaware GOP establishment will no doubt dig up my traffic tickets and overdue library books from 1992.

    • Tennessee Walker says:

      If you are running for an office such as the U.S. Senate as a Conservative expect a thourough vetting. In this instance the vetting is by ginger Gibson and Wanda. If the GOP so called establishment has lifted a finger here it is news to me.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      anon, it’s simple, don’t lie and you won’t get caught lying.

  4. Glen says:

    I guess Christine is a Liar, Liar Pants On Fire.

  5. cookie says:

    I had a boyfriend in college who wanted to run for Senate someday. He kept his nose clean, didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t swear, didn’t do anything that could hurt his future campaign. I used to think that was crazy, but he obviously knew at age 19 that he couldn’t have any skeletons in the closet if he were to be successful.

    • anon says:

      People are suspicious of perfect people. What voters demand is perfect honesty. Had tax troubles, money problems don’t weasel, admit it, explain it, don’t give us a song and a dance. They got the same thing going in Nevada, a candidate demanding only nice questions or won’t show up. WTF is going on? These kinds of candidates always blame others, the media, the system, anybody but themselves. Sad thing is they manage to keep their supporters, because you know Party loyalty is way more important than civic duty these days.

      • cookie says:

        I agree that you don’t have to be perfect to run for office. And that if you do make a mistake (none of us are perfect) you need to admit it, fix it, and move on.

  6. Renee says:

    How could she pay her mortgage on $386.66 a month?

  7. anon says:

    Wanda – TNJ needs to hire you as their investigative reporter. Sweet stuff.

    • Tennessee Walker says:

      No one is better than Wanda. Wanda Going to work for TNJ would be a demotion.
      For the record anon, you and I agree on this one and the calendar should be marked for this.

      • Hube says:

        Wanda – TNJ needs to hire you as their investigative reporter. Sweet stuff.

        Indeed. Wanda on this blog has probably more than quadrupled the actual investigative prowess of the entire WNJ staff over the last month or so.

        Bravo, girl. 🙂

  8. BluRok says:

    Nice work! With all the rumors and accusations that get tossed about on blogs, it is nice to see someone show the proof is in the pudding! Someone please send this to Jensen so he can say on the air that COD lied to him and has the evidence. That would be gold!

  9. Joe Cass says:

    I emailed the link to blog to Rick Jenson. Apparently he doesn’t cotton to being called a fanboy. Maybe I should have addressed it To the Apologist Concerned.

  10. BTW says:

    I am still waiting to hear O’Whacky explain why it is not her fault.

    Her are my top 5 guesses:

    5. Biden planted the information in the public record
    4. Her attorney had heath issues
    3. The Lords of the Backroom made her not pay her bils
    2. The ‘possum signed for the notice from the Sheriff & never showed her

    And Your Number 1 Answer:

    1. She couldn’t find another young “Boyfriend” to pay her bills!!

  11. Cyclone Ranger says:

    God loves Christine, so lets not discuss how many actual humans have loved her as well. It would be a safe bet Evan hasn’t outside his fantasies. Evan, may I quote from Monty Python, “if a sperm is wasted, god gets quite irate.”
    Castle and Coons may have to fight each other this year, but 2012 is the year….uh….well, its a year.

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