Who Will Christine O’Donnell Represent?

95% of my known financial supporters don't even live in Delaware!

If Christine O’Donnell is elected to the US Senate, who will she represent? Her latest FEC Report tells us everything we need to know, and the facts are startling.

From April 2010 until June 2010 Christine O’Donnell raised $109,255.00 from individuals for her US Senate campaign.

However, out of 94 total itemized donations totaling $50,750 made by individuals during that time period, only 5 were from Delaware. That means that 95% of Christine O’Donnell’s known financial support is coming from people who don’t even live in the state of Delaware.


If you break it down monetarily, out of $50,750 in itemized donations from individuals, only $2,375 came from Delawareans, meaning that 96% of her known campaign money is coming from out of state individuals, and only 4% is coming from inside the state of Delaware.

Are we to believe that Christine O’Donnell will go to the US Senate and represent Delaware when only 4% of her known financial support is coming from The First State?

Now, what about the other $58,505 Christine O’Donnell raised during the reporting period? Your guess is as good as mine because that money is “unitemized.” So we don’t even know where over half of her campaign financing is coming from!

What we do know is where Christine O’Donnell is spending that out of state money she’s pulling in to buy herself Delaware’s open US Senate seat, and that information is coming soon.

What’s missing from Christine O’Donnell’s FEC report ending June 30, 2010? Any donation what-so-ever from fellow unendorsed Republican candidate and multimillionaire Glen Urquhart.

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77 Responses to Who Will Christine O’Donnell Represent?

  1. RSmitty says:

    …and Wanda (and DT for good measure) shall be attacked in …5…4…3…???

  2. anontoo says:

    So she got 8 total contributions from inside Delaware for a total of $3,600. So let’s play a game. The 30-day reports for state House candidates are due in a couple of weeks. What % of those candidates will out-raise COD in Delaware? 85%? 95%?

    • Republican David says:

      Sorry to break it to you, but she had hundreds of contributions from Delaware. You see it is the peasants who are donating to her so most of her money is in under $200 gifts. I know that you all aren’t used to the peasant uprising, but you shouldn’t mischaracterize it. Hey I gave one of those. Would you believe that I got a personal email (from her personal account) from Christine thanking me for believing in her and sticking with her.

      I gave her $20. That kind of caring is what will make her a fine senator one day–maybe even this November. If she wins the primary she will have incredible momentum, if she does not, she will be close enough that you may as well get used to her.

      • So we’re to believe that 95% of her contributions OVER $200 were from out of state, but everything BELOW $200 was from Delaware?

        The “money bombs” that out of state right wing bloggers held for her were racking up $10 and $20 contributions.

        And please don’t refer to people unable to contribute large sums of money to campaigns as “peasants” we don’t appreciate your feeble attempts at class warfare here.

        If Christine O’Donnell wants us to believe the contributions she received under $200 were in state contributions, she can release the names and addresses, there is no law prohibiting her from doing that.

        Until I see that release, your premise is laughable.

  3. Dave Burris says:

    You’re both right. She got 8 total contributions in 18 months, but five in the 2Q reporting period.

  4. jason330 says:

    Wanda is right to be scared. The O’Donnell goon squad is not coming to Delaware to win. They are coming in to fuck shit up.

    • 8 reportable contributions from real live Delawareans, and a mere 5 in the 2Q period. Compare that to Castle, who has hundreds. It’s a telling early indicator of which candidate is “the people’s choice,” at least here in Delaware (of course, the primary itself is the real test). This is a campaign that exists on the blogs and on Twitter and has not put down real roots locally here in DE- that’s my impression anyway.

  5. Dave Burris says:

    Jason has a point. These are slash-and-burn groups coming in from out of state to influence the election. They don’t care about what Delaware looks like on the day after the primary. Luckily for us, Delawareans have a history of soundly rejecting outside interference.

  6. Jason O'Neill says:

    You do fail to realize that this Delaware US Senate race has become a national race. Conservative radio host Mark Levin has help drive that and a lot of donations came from those tham support Christine’s message.

    This is no different than what has happened with Marco Rubio or Sharron Angle.

    The conservative movement, or elections are not isolated to one state. While Representatives and Senators are elected by constituents from that state, their votes affect everyone across the country.

    Mike Castle’s liberal voting record has angered the nation – on Cap&Trade, DISCLOSE, and the so-called financial regulations bill. It affects every American.

    And his very weak, so-called small business plan helps no one.

    That is why the nation is united to retire Mike Castle, and I am support their sentitment. It’s about time.

    • Dave Burris says:

      Jason — Those people don’t vote here. The extreme right has never won in Delaware, and they won’t win now. Delaware has rejected the extreme right many times, and they have rejected out-of-state interference many times.

      • Jason O'Neill says:

        2010 is trending much different than in years past. If NJ can elect Chris Christie, Delaware can elect a conservative. The two are a mirror image on issues and beliefs.

        When the Delaware GOP offers Dem-lite, there is no contrast. Case in point: Jan Ting vs Tom Carper

        Back to the point, that they don’t vote here. So what? This is a national race now that will pull in national resources. This is based on the July 15th Rasmussen poll that proves Christine can beat Chris Coons. So your point is mute.

        • Dave Burris says:

          NJ elected Chris Christie when a) the opposition was a liberal Democrat who failed to govern the state well, and b) Christie raised $3 million in the primary alone.

          Christine can’t get a baseball team worth of Delawareans to financially support her, and her opponent voted against Obamacare, against the stimulus and has won statewide a dozen times.

          And it’s moot, not mute.

    • Tennessee Walker says:

      “This is no different than what has happened with Marco Rubio or Sharron Angle. ”

      I know debunking this analogy will not stop Jason from repeating it again and again but the analogy doesn’t fit and needs to be debunked.

      Both Angle and Rubio have very impressive resumes in the political world and outside it. Angle was the Republican minority leader in the House in Nevada and Rubio was the Speaker of the House in Florida. When you go to the websites of these respective candidates one gets a complete view of their adult lives including every job they have held. In short Both of these candidates, who have yet to win their Senate Seats, have a documented life of accomplishment complete with a paper trail.

  7. Publius says:

    Mike, you raise an interesting point, but isn’t the bigger point that she’s only raised a grand total of approximately $170,000 and has less than $70,000 cash on hand? Coons has raised over a million dollars in less than 6 months, not counting his own money he’s loaned his campaign.

    The simple truth is that O’Donnell has already demonstrated twice (2006 and 2008) that she can’t raise money or, for that matter, run an effective campaign. Her latest campaign filing simply reinforces that.

    Moreover, she comes with so much personal baggage (the tax issues, the college diploma issue, the mortgage foreclosuire issue, the employment lawsuit issue) that the general public, once informed about these issues, will simply write her off as a far right candidate who is eminently UNqualified to be a U.S. Senator. As someone once put it on one of these blogs, if she can’t handle her own finances and life, how can we expect her to handle the government’s money and affairs?

  8. Republican2010 says:

    What does Urquhart have to do with this?

    You guys just love throwing names out there to start trouble.

    • Dave Burris says:

      I think it’s a legitimate point. If Urquhart, a 100% across-the-board conservative with loads of money, won’t give $200 to Christine O’Donnell, but gave money to Castle, it’s a legitimate thing to discuss. He seems to be uncompromising on his principles, and he’s given to a lot of candidates.

  9. If i were Glen, I’d back far away from Christine. Consider, if Glen wins the primary (and he is running the best campaign in Delaware right now) then in the general he will be a hard right, very overtly religious conservative running in a deep blue state. The way I see it, his only shot is if Castle is on the ballott above him- because Castle is someone who a reasonable percentage of Independants and Democrats will cross over to vote for. If it is Christine, on the other hand, then that chance disappears entirely- they will both get somewhere in the high 30’s low 40’s in terms of vote percentage. In he end, that’s the problem both these candidates face (assuming, merely for the sake of argument, that they make it through the primary)- neither has much cross over appeal. And you can’t win in Delaware with just the GOP “base.” You’ve got to have the R’s and then a whole bunch of I’s and D’s. Of the two though, Glen is best positioned to make a run at it.

    • And yet the I’s are going 3-1 for O’Donnell…

      28% of Democrats say they would vote for the T.E.A. Party endorsed candidate…

      • Wanda Maximoff says:

        “And yet the I’s are going 3-1 for O’Donnell…”

        Is that based on the poll done for Founder’s Values of 60 voters who were dubiously chosen? Don’t even try to sell that poll here.

  10. Goofy says:

    Well, she’s raised over $200,000, so doesn’t that mean that $150,000 is unaccounted for? Could the rest of the $150,000 possibly come from Delaware donors who’ve given less than $200?

    If you give less than $200, you don’t have to report it.

    It seems unlikely in the extreme that most of her money didn’t come from Delaware.

    • anontoo says:

      Unitemized donations were $62,000 in 18 months. Could most of that have come from Delaware? Maybe, but the money bombs and the radio appearances and her prior history suggest otherwise. And we’ll never know. But only raising $3,600 in donations over $200 from Delawareans is not worthy of the GOP Senate nomination.

      • We don’t know where most of her $162,843 came from. We don’t know where over $350 million of Barack Obama’s money came from. Most candidates (not named George W. Bush) don’t itemize every penny they receive if they are not required to. How much of O’Donnell’s money came from within Delaware is something we’ll never know.

        • anontoo says:

          Only raising $3,600 in donations over $200 from Delawareans is not worthy of the GOP Senate nomination. Republicans should be EMBARRASSED to vote for her, Castle or no Castle.

  11. The nation is united to retire Mike Castle?

    The nation gets no say. Only Delawareans do. First, the 18,000 to 24,000 of us who will vote on primary day, then the larger group that will vote in November.

    Whether you like him or not, every poll says he’s not going to be retired, he’s going to be promoted.

    • What say you to the fact that he has lost 8 points to Coons since April? I say that shows a downward trend and spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the campaign.

      Interesting that Mike Castle has not rebutted the earlier poll that found him losing support among likely T.E.A. Party voters to Christine. I know he’s paid to have some polling done and the fact that the results weren’t released means that he found things he didn’t like.

      More evidence of the Castle campaign panic is his recent push to move on social media (which is failing miserably I might add, even WITH the help of DelawareLiberal/DelawareTomorrow). He knows as do everyone else, that his failures and Christine’s positions have created the opportunity for Delaware to rise up.

      There’s no question he’s going to spend a lot of money between now and Sept. He’ll be forced to once the T.E.A. Party Express ads run and as more endorsements hit. Castle is on the ropes, make NO mistake about that folks. There are haymakers on the way and the question is, does Castle have the stamina in his late 70’s to withstand the battle that is only just beginning?

      • Dave Burris says:

        “What say you to the fact that he has lost 8 points to Coons since April? I say that shows a downward trend and spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the campaign.”

        He hasn’t started campaigning yet, and hasn’t spent a dime. He will have no trouble winning in September and November once he turns on the campaign effort.

        • He’s not GOING to campaign, I don’t think he can handle it…without paying another Public High School band to show up to his events anyway…

          His money will be wasted…he’s so far behind right now and the people are so over his lies…they see his record. He’s GOT to know that, I hope he does for his heart’s sake.

        • RSmitty says:

          he’s so far behind right now

          To what? Internet spamming? You may have a point there.

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  13. 1.) I would rather Christine get her money from CITIZENS from out of state than what Castle has done which is take taxpayer funds (TARP money) from major banks. $32,000 just from 7 TARP recipient PACs since TARP was enacted. Tsk Tsk.

    2.) Anyone who is anyone in Delaware knows that publicly supporting someone in opposition to Mike Castle is political suicide unless they’re going to win. That’s why people like Mike Stafford and Dave Burris, who claim to be so “conservative”, support Mike Castle who votes with Republicans 40% of the time. Either that or they are completely full of crap about being conservative. I don’t blame the money in Delaware for either staying out of this race or giving the required amount to Castle. I think in the end that money will shift as the momentum grows for Christine.

    3.) What the knuckleheads here haven’t mentioned is that comparatively, Mike Castle has recieved a much larger percentage of his overall contributions from outside of Delaware as well. Major banks, lawyers, corporations in NY, Louisiana, Mississippi, etc. have all been major contributors to his campaign. By contrast, Christine’s money comes from citizens by and large and not major banks/corporations.

    4.) Also glazed over by Frick and Frack is the fact that O’Donnell has the support of the T.E.A. Party in Delaware and despite their attempts (in conjunction with their friends at MSNBC) to make the T.E.A. Party radical, 68% of Delawareans consider their views closer to the avg T.E.A. Party member than the avg member of Congress. Mike Castle is most DEFINITELY an “avg. member of Congress”.

    5.) O’Donnell is not recieving millionaire support by and large and to the PEOPLE that is a plus in many ways. The big money elites have been picking winners and losers for the rest of the country for too long now. She’s getting small donations from all over and more than that she is getting boots on the ground support from Delawreans. Supporters show up by the dozens to events and her message is getting out.

    6.) This is a race that is unlike any other in the HISTORY of our country and certainly this state. There will be tens of thousands who flock to the polls to vote and every one of them over the 18,000 who are “likely” (by conventional wisdom) to vote, is a negative for Castle because his votes in favor of Cap & Trade, support for Universal Healthcare, his authoring of the DISCLOSE Bill and the vote for the Financial Regulatory Bill will have brought them out enmasse and will contrast with Christine’s ideals and legislative goals.

    People will show YOU Burris and YOU Stafford that your perceptions of the people of Delaware as sheep you will follow Mike Castle into the depths of hell that you are wrong.

    • Dave Burris says:

      Be sure you show up the next day so we can see who was right, then.

      • Dave Burris says:

        And for me, it’s really not about supporting Castle as much as it is opposing radical rejects like you. People will tell you that I’ve never been a Castle fanatic. Ever, even back to his Governor days.

        But if supporting him lets me fight the radical rejects, I’m in.

  14. The current bluster brings back fond memories of similar bluster during the Booth Special Election. Well, “the People” and their self annointed spokesman had a bit of a disconnect on that one. We’ll see how it plays out this time.

    • Booth got elected…congrats on a victory. I’ve never claimed to be right 100% of the time. With that said, the T.E.A. Party support in Sussex County was split with the Booth race and I don’t see that being the case in the Senate or House races, at least to the same degree.

  15. Win or lose, I’m no punk and I’ll take my lumps if I’m wrong but I have faith that I won’t be. I called the Christie race in Jersey and the Brown race in Mass. People who thought like you and who have since changed their opinions have given me credit for seeing things they couldn’t through their conventional wisdom.

    I’m a little concerned about you and Stafford showing your faces. I’ve offered to debate you both face to face before. Neither of you have accepted. Not that it was unexpected.

    I’m just having trouble understanding how two people who claim to be so conservative can defend the record of Castle. I mean in 2008 he voted with the Dems 65% of the time…under a liberal agenda. Castle voted for all six of the Democratic “100 Hour” items when the new majority came into power in 2007. During the Bush era, Castle opposed the administration’s plans to restrict federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and parted ways with the president on his proposed cuts to Amtrak funding. Keep in mind that Amtrak has been sucking taxpayer money up for decades and that Bush’s plan called for privatizing the company to keep the red ink out of the taxpayers hands. How can you support him? Are you “conservatives” that scared that your views can’t win? What does that say about your beliefs? Why should conservatives trust you if you don’t believe in what you say you believe in?

    • Dave Burris says:

      “I’m just having trouble understanding how two people who claim to be so conservative can defend the record of Castle.”

      I’m not interested in defending Castle. I’m interested in defeating the radical elements of the right and ensuring that the Senate seat ends up in Republican hands, even with Castle.

      • lol Radical elements of the right…so you’re a Progressive then?

        It’s not radical right to believe the government ought to pay its own way and balance a budget is it?

        Is it radical to expect the government to tighten its belts when “We The People” do?

        Is it radical to love and support and defend the Constitution?

        Is it radical to defend the Declaration of Indpenendence and the unalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS?

        Is it radical to call for lower taxes?

        Is it radical to expect a better result from our education system?

        Is it radical to desire a limited government rooted in the law of the land?

        Is it radical to expose those who seek to fundamentally transform America and to make the Constitution little more than a page of history?

        Is it radical to expect the government to protect our borders and the people of the country from economic and military harm?

        What part of that is radical? What’s your definition of radical?

        I don’t think it’s about “radical right wingers” to you. I can’t imagine that it is. No one else (with the exception of your friends at DL and MSNBC) sees it as radical. Please explain.

        • I’m still waiting for answers here.

        • Wanda Maximoff says:

          Evan, there are examples of Mike Castle standing up for every point that you list with his actions and his vote.

          When he was Delaware’s Governor, the budget was balanced every year of his 8 years in office. Unemployment was low, and taxes remained low and in many cases were cut.

          Castle has also dropped his 2010 earmark requests, and made no 2011 earmark requests.

          Castle’s vote against the health care legislation is proof of his commitment to small government. His opposition to universal health care goes back decades.

          Castle has voted to protect our country and our borders and our Constitution.

          Actions and votes show that Castle stands for everything you list. All we have from Christine O’Donnell are her words, and her words haven’t always been the truth.

        • Unradical says:

          Is it “radical” to run a meetup group and allow your white supremacist members to use the Aryan Nation flag as an avatar?

          I dunno.

  16. Dave Burris says:

    “I’m a little concerned about you and Stafford showing your faces. I’ve offered to debate you both face to face before. Neither of you have accepted. Not that it was unexpected.”

    I don’t shy from a debate with anyone, just wondering why it’s worth my time.

  17. Dave Burris says:

    “lol Radical elements of the right…so you’re a Progressive then?

    You love to throw that word around like your opinion matters. If everyone to the left of you is a progressive, then 95% of the country is Progressive.

    As far as all of your rhetorical questions go, you already know that each of those bullet points require an essay-length answer. Or you should already know.

    And radicalism is not represented solely by one’s political views.

    • Which means that you won’t answer the questions. Awesome. And no, they don’t take essay length answers. The questions are yes or no questions and any HONEST person can answer them as such.

      You again try to paint me as a radical by claiming I’ma far right winger. The polls prove you are dead wrong. Those views are practically word for word what the T.E.A. Party groups stand for and as mentioned before, nearly 70% of Delawareans support those views over those of the political class (like Congressman Castle).

      Please, explain how I am a radical Mr. Burris, I would LOVE to hear it.

    • And by the way, “my opinions” appear to matter to a rather larger segment of the population than you might expect because they continue to turn out to the events that I help to sponsor, plan and create. I’m by NO means claiming all the credit for any of this but if my views were SO irrelevant there wouldn’t be rooms full of people showing up to our meetings to hear myself and other leaders talking about these views.

  18. Much like Mike Castle, I suspect the real concern on your part is losing the debate because you know your points are indefensible.

    That’s why people show up by the hundreds and THOUSANDS to the T.E.A. Party rallies. Because these ideas are inherently American and I think you know it. I think you’re PRAYING as are Castle and the rest of the Delaware GOP that you can stem the tide of this citizen uprising and maintain some power to demoralize the population and return to subjugating them. Not likely to happen.

  19. Dave Burris says:

    “That’s why people show up by the hundreds and THOUSANDS to the T.E.A. Party rallies. ”

    The last Tea Party in Dover drew what, 20 people?

    People are drawn to the tea party movement because they’re angry and scared. But they think that we can do things like eliminate the Department of Education or deport all illegal immigrants overnight, and anyone who has a separate opinion is labeled a “Progressive” or a “Liberal” in very aggressive terms (you might recognize that behavior — it’s yours).

    I have actually worked really hard to move the state to the right, fought the unions, the liberals and the double-dipping politicians, and in the real world, you have to make a lot of compromises along the way in order to get what you want.

    So to have all of these people show up angry and expecting things to change overnight is unrealistic and detrimental. Also, the birtherism, overt racism and flat-out misinformation, especially presented in an aggressive manner, is unproductive.

    Not only that, but this is Delaware. The last hard-core conservative to win statewide in Delaware was…..was……was….was….

  20. Dave Burris says:

    Another thing you do is conflate citizen support of ideas like limited government and lower taxes with the TEA Party. Most people who are fiscal conservatives could care less about the tea party, although they vote Republican. So, no. You can’t count all those people as a member of the Tea Party.

    • I can when they show up to the events and donate to the organizations. I can when they vote in the polls that they side with the T.E.A. Party more than they do with Congress. You may not LIKE it but these are facts.

      • Dave Burris says:

        The most you’ve ever had at a Tea Party event was 700, and that was with the help of the GOP, Charlie Copeland and Pete DuPont.

  21. RSmitty says:

    Did someone get this thread confused with the netde hash-tag?

  22. Dave Burris says:

    Fact is, people like Evan and people like me should be on the same page, because we largely want the same things. But they want to slash-and-burn and tear down anyone who doesn’t fit their orthodoxy. And in the end, that’s unproductive to the end result. I believe in finding the right candidate for the seat and the election circumstances.

    When Joe Booth is suddenly not conservative enough, we’ve jumped the shark.

    • Actually people like you compromise your “principles” consistently. You can argue that winning is the only thing that matters but that is the reason we are where we are. With so many people apathetic to the cause. When we’re talking about counting the votes of 20,000 people out of a registration total of 120,000+ you know that there is a disconnect between the leadership and the people.

      What you believe in is quite hard to determine as it shifts so often.

      • Dave Burris says:

        Except for the fact that, unlike you, I’ve actually done something with my beliefs in the public square.

        • Yes, you’ve contributed to destroying America and Delaware. My apologies.

        • Dave Burris says:

          Yes. Fighting union corruption and fighting for lower spending and taxes is destroying America.

          And yet you can’t understand why I call you a radical reject, and why you have no credibility.

          Come back anytime. The price of admission is one significant accomplishment. When you have one, come back.

  23. The last T.E.A. Party rally in Wilmington drew 700+…

    Your description of the people who show up to T.E.A. Parties is both a lie and disrespectful. Of course, it’s exactly the reason why you and Congressman Castle are going to get crushed this year. No one thinks illegals should or could be deported overnight, that’s ridiculous. Doing away with the Dept. of Ed is doable…we made it through the 18th and 19th centuries without it but MOST T.E.A. Party people would prefer an honest reform of the Department of Ed and Department of Energy. People who are for big government, increased government control and more regulations ARE Progressive. That’s the definition.

    No one is suggesting there shouldn’t be compromise but there must be basic principles and America is a land of limited government. THE PEOPLE believe it but politicians and their lackey’s (people like you) have trouble understanding it. People don’t expect it to change overnight but consistently moving to the left is not change, it’s more of the same.

    It’s interesting that you bring up birtherism, racism and misinformation…please cite some examples of that here in Delaware. Cite examples of T.E.A. Party groups supporting these concepts.

    You’re right this is Delaware and the last conservative to run a race with the concept of actually winning was…was….was…was…

    This state’s politics has been dominated by Progressives like you, Tom Ross, and Mike Castle. You’ve made deals with Democrats like Tom Carper (who may be more conservative than Castle by the way) and Joe Biden to make sure that power is contained within a small set of people. People know, they see it. They understand it and they don’t like it. The Republican party hasn’t run conservatives. They’ve shifted as left as they possibly can.

    • Dave Burris says:

      “No one thinks illegals should or could be deported overnight, that’s ridiculous. ”

      You obviously don’t listen to talk radio.

      “Doing away with the Dept. of Ed is doable…we made it through the 18th and 19th centuries without it”

      That’s funny. But I’ll note your inability to recognize that it’s the 21st century and that a lot has happened since then that will take decades to undo.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      The last Wilmington TEA Party drew so many people because Pete du Pont was the keynote speaker. That would be the same Pete du Pont who gave the endorsement speech for Mike Castle at the Republican Convention in May where Castle won.

    • Mike Matthews says:

      “The last T.E.A. Party rally in Wilmington drew 700+…”

      …in a city of 80,000.

      • Unradical says:

        A mid sized church pulls in that many every week.

        The Stone Balloon used to be a bigger draw than that.

  24. Ok, so now that I’ve inflated your Google position and waster my entire morning going around in circles with people who would have trouble debating their way out of a wet paper bag. I’m going to go spend my afternoon being productive. The offer stands, I’ll publicly debate you AND Stafford anytime, any place, any where. You know how to get ahold of me, just let me know if either or both of you ever grow a set of stones. Otherwise, I’m sure we’ll chat again before the election and we’ll see you on September 15th. 🙂

    • Dave Burris says:

      “people who would have trouble debating their way out of a wet paper bag.”

      You say that, but you never win.

      “The offer stands, I’ll publicly debate you AND Stafford anytime, any place, any where.”

      I just don’t see why you’re worth the time.

  25. Dave Burris says:

    “You’ve made deals with Democrats like Tom Carper.”

    I know you just showed up, but Tom Carper beat Bill Roth, a tried and true Conservative whose name is on the Reagan tax cuts. Did we “cut a deal” for that?

    See, it’s that kind of bullshit that is why you’ll never have any credibility. Republicans in Delaware run the best candidate they can find in every race. It’s not always easy, but it’s the truth.

  26. RSmitty says:

    No one is suggesting there shouldn’t be compromise…
    That is the first time I have ever seen that from you. Then again, I don’t scan every blog I know of, so you may have said it somewhere before.

    Ah, then the rants of intolerance followed, making that referenced statement completely moot.

    • Dave Burris says:

      Compromise, but only compromises that extremists like Evan approve of. Otherwise, you’re a “Progressive!”

  27. Brud Lee says:

    Not only that, but this is Delaware. The last hard-core conservative to win statewide in Delaware was…..was……was….was….

    I’d say Tom Wagner, but for his hippie suspenders.

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  30. cookie says:

    I have to laugh. You spent most of your nominating speech talking about the TEA Party rather than Christine O’Donnell. You tout how much smarter you are than anyone else and how YOU started this great movement. Give me a break!

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