Christine O’Donnell: The Word Was “Corroborate” Not “Counter”

On her website, christine2010, Christine O’Donnell’s “e-Team” has a post up called “Christine Counters” that is a “counter” to claims that have been made about a 2005 tax bill, a lien and the sale of her house. You can go there and check it out.

According to O’Donnell’s counter:

During my previous campaign against then Sen. Joe Biden, I was audited by the IRS – so were some of my family members and a campaign worker. (Let’s chalk that up to a coincidence.) After a long appeals process, this was supposed wrap-up this past spring.

Yet, in March, rather than a letter finalizing the appeals process, I received an erroneous tax lien claiming I had not responded to their previous correspondence. The IRS admitted the letter was a mistake and chalked it up to a “computer error.”

But the “Notice of Federal Tax Lien”, which has been posted on this site previously, shows that the orginal assessment for O’Donnell’s 2005 tax return was on May 29th, 2006, then again on December 29th, 2008, and that it was still an issue in March of 2010.

The IRS action on O'Donnell's 2005 income tax return began in May of 2006, two years before her run against Biden.

The February 2010 IRS Appeals Officer’s letter that O’Donnell uses to “counter” the claims against her shows that in March of 2010, O’Donnell had still not provided documentation for deductions she took on her 2005 tax return.

This letter shows that this Appeals Officer was in contact with O’Donnell in December of 2009, and wanted to clear O’Donnell’s tax issue by January, now it was February and the Officer is still trying to get documentation for deductions from O’Donnell’s 2005 taxes. The Officer wants it cleared up “in the first week of March.” No where in this letter does it say that the tax issue is a “computer error” as Christine O’Donnell states, the letter is asking for “more information” about deductions from her 2005 tax return.

If there is a letter from the Appeals Officer to Christine O’Donnell stating that the lien was “erroneous” and the IRS action was a “computer error” this is not that letter.

Next, O’Donnell’s “counter” states, “I sold my home in 2008. My opponent claims I lost it in foreclosure.”

The Delaware Republican Record showed in THIS post that Christine O’Donnell’s mortgage company, in May of 2008, asked the court for a judgment against O’Donnell for failing to pay her mortgage, and for not responding at all to the suit.

From my previous post:

The document shows that as of May, 2008, Chistine O’Donnell still had not made a mortgage payment, and was delinquent from October 2007.

The document also states that Christine O’Donnell, “failed to appear, plead or otherwise defend” which means that O’Donnell simply did not even respond the court notices she was receiving and the mortgage company directed the court to “enter Judgment by Default”. The word “FORECLOSURE” appears on page 2, where Christine O’Donnell’s mortgage company is asking for reimbursement for “FORECLOSURE COSTS” in the amount of $543.00.

This is the case history for Christine O’Donnell’s mortgage forclosure.

It shows:

1) Christine O’Donnell was “served personally” the first notice of the mortgage suit by the New Castle County Sheriff’s office on March 25, 2008. In her March 2010 News Journal interview, O’Donnell told Ginger Gibson that, “she was not aware of the mortgage company lawsuit and that she never received a notice of foreclosure.”
2) That Christine O’Donnell’s mortgage company was granted their request for a judgment of foreclosure on June 4th, 2008. The term “LEV FAC issued” means that the mortgaged asset is being taken and will be proceeding to a sale.
3) And the last item on Christine O’Donnell’s mortgage history is from September 11, 2008 which reads:

8/12/08 STAYED

Which clearly states that the “8/12/08” “SHERIFF SALE” was “STAYED” by the lawyers representing Christine O’Donnell’s mortgage company. The sale was “stayed” because O’Donnell managed to sell the property for full price to a campaign worker who was also a lawyer and her boyfriend.

Now, for the record, the Delaware Republican Record (and the News Journal for that matter) did not accuse O’Donnell of “losing her house in foreclosure” as she stated. The Delaware Republican Record (and The News Journal) correctly stated that Christine O’Donnell sold her house before the Sheriff’s sale. O’Donnell sold her house on June 30th, 2008, 26 days after judgment.

The July letter that O’Donnell uses as proof of the sale of her home is, to my knowledge, valid, but does not in any way invalidate claims made that the home was slated for Sheriff’s Sale when she sold it. It invalidates claims that no one made.

The last claim in Christine O’Donnell’s “counter” is, ” My opponent is trying to start a rumor that I am not a Delaware resident. This is simply not true.”

That “rumor” started in the comment section of THIS blog post.

The Delaware Republican Record apologizes for the redundancy in this post, but it was needed. And again, the issue is NOT Christine O’Donnell’s financial problems, the issue is her continued attempts to cover up her financial problems by blaming others, parsing her words and distorting the truth.

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19 Responses to Christine O’Donnell: The Word Was “Corroborate” Not “Counter”

  1. anon says:

    On the foreclosure issue, O’Donnell says: “Although I did not have the misfortune of facing a home foreclosure as my opponent alleges …”

    Actually, she DID face a home foreclosure. It just didn’t go through because she sold it. So that’s another lie.

    There are also three more lies in her “team’s” post – each instance where she says that her “opponent” claims something. AFAIK, Mike Castle has been utterly silent about each of these items.

    Lies, lies, lies!

  2. Picayune says:

    Christine lies yet again? Surprise surprise.

  3. Christine O'Denial says:

    I deny everything you say. All those documents are fraudulant, just like you. I deny anything you say. I deny anything Ginger Gibson says. I deny the department of elections results in 2008 that say I did not beat Biden in any county. I deny any Republican that can think through an issue. I deny any Republican that believes a raped woman can chose to not have the baby of her rapist. I deny that I can not use campaign funds to live on. I deny any human that disagrees with me. I deny the climate has any impact on my life. I deny this blog exists. I deny you. I am Queen. I deny Freddy Mercury. I deny that I denied anything here.

  4. Publius says:

    I think that the general public gets the picture as to why Christine O’Donnell simply isn’t up to the task of being an elected official, let alone a U.S.Senator. She can’t hold a job, she lies about her “record” (claiming to have won two counties), her house was subject to foreclosure, she can’t even get basic campaign filings down. While the public can ordinarily be surprisingly forgiving, rather than admit to her past mistakes, Christine proceeds to make matters worse by simply out and out lying about them. She didn’t know about the mortgage foreclosure–but she was served the papers (maybe she just didn’t understand them, but that excuse doesn’t speak well of her intellect).

    Moreover, she has run a lousy campaign. She ran a lousy campaign in 2008, and she’s running a lousy one now. That alone should, to anybody who is being honest about this, convince folks that she should not be the candidate in the general election. Nothing (one suspects not even confession to first degree murder) would convince the Castle-haters that Christine is not the one, but the general public gets it.

    No matter how you slice it, the facts demonstrate that, notwithstanding her conservative bent, she simply isn’t up to the job of being a U.S. Senator. If she were to somehow breakthrough and win the primary, I suspect that the News-Journal would have a field day that makes its earlier coverage look like a walk in the park.

  5. anon says:

    If she wins the primary, the News-Journal will publish those documents on Page One, alongside COD’s “denials” to show just how much she fibs. With her at the top of the ticket, the Delaware Republican Party will not recover in November, Rollins will go down hard and the Dems will keep control of the House.

  6. Robert says:

    Unbelievable. I read the letter that Christine says counters your claims. Can she read? Does she have trouble with reading comprehension. As you point out Wanda, it only corroborates your story about the tax lien. But of course, the “Cult of Christine” will never admit that their candidate is a flat out liar and fraud of the greatest magnitude.

  7. Tennessee Walker says:

    Ditto to what anon said. COD will drag down the entire ticket.

  8. scupperjoe says:

    I love Christine O’Donnell! She is the gift that keeps on giving. And Lying. You all created this moron-a-thon by that hard right turn you took when America elected a minority. The best part is, the egg is not yet on your faces. Truth and fact have a liberal bias, mind you, and to paraphrase the words of an insignificant preacher “the chickens have come home to roost!” And the Perdue pigeons are bringing eggs, lots and lots of eggs.

  9. Picayune says:

    During my 2008 campaign, both my home and campaign office were vandalized, broken into, files were stolen, threatening messages were left and nasty names were scrawled across my front door and porch. For security reasons, I simply do not want my home address made public this time around. Most people understand this.

    I pulled this off of Christine’s website under “Counter Punches”, about her opponent’s attempts to start a rumor that Christine doesn’t live in Delaware. What is interesting about this statement is that it keeps growing:

    The first time Christine mentioned why she didn’t live in the house on Lincoln Street anymore was because some grafitti was written on the front door.

    The second time Christine mentioned why she didn’t live in the house on Lincoln Street was because it was broken into.

    The third time Christine mentioned why she didn’t live in the house on Lincoln Street was because it was broken into and vandalized. (Now when she mentions her house and campaign HQ were broken into, does she mean one in the same house/HQ? Who knows.)

    Why does the story just keep getting bigger and bigger, and bigger, every time she tries to explain why she won’t tell anyone where she lives?

    That’s why they call me Picayune:)

  10. She must feel safer in NJ says:

    People were breaking in to her house and she never called the police or press?

    Come on. Christine O’Donnell would do anything to look like a victim and get attention. I find it VERY hard to believe that she NEVER called the police and NEVER called the press about the break in.

    Let’s face it. It just never happened. MORE CHRISTINE O’DONNELL LIES!

  11. anon7 says:

    Too bad she’s not ugly. This never would have happened. I agree this craziness is the creation of the naive right. All any phony has to do is stand up say God Country Constitution small government watch out for commies, and the right wing falls forever in love. Like offering a child candy.

  12. Susan says:

    In response to this blog, I will look into the sheriff sale issue. I will personally contact the appropriate office. However, Christine O’Donnell is correct that the tax lien was a computer error.

    It took until March 2010 to clear her record. I hope the public would understand that the IRS is a massive bureaucracy and it takes time to resolve these issues. In any case, I have seen with my own eyes the phone transcript where the IRS said they made a computer error. Christine is in the clear here and again we need to be looking at real issues like jobs and the economy.

    Even if she did loose her home in a sheriff sale, so have a good majority of Americans foreclosed or lost homes in such sales. Are you telling us, the public that the majority of struggling Americans can’t run for Congress, but multi-millionaires like Castle and Coons can? There’s an unfair playing field here…but we can at least agree to disagree that Castle voted against balancing the budget in 10 years. It was a vote that could have saved Americans trillions of dollars. I think that’s a much greater issue at hand here than Christine loosing her home. We need to be pointing 3 fingers back at Castle’s inability to balance America’s budget.

  13. Freckles says:

    If the lien was a “computer error” than she can cough up the documentation to prove that.

    The lien was also from 2006, and O’Donnell has claimed that it was “false” and that it was because she ran against Biden.

    And you can point fingers at Castle all day, it doesn’t excuse O’Donnell’s long history of lying to Delaware. If she can’t manage her own affairs, how can she manage the country’s?

  14. The Delaware Republican Record has stated, multiple times, that none of this is about Christine O’Donnell’s debts and court actions.

    This is about putting the information out there for Delawareans to see, so they can judge for themselves.

  15. Freckles, I have a long list of votes on Castle dating all the way back to 1993 on how he has failed to manage the affairs of the United States. I am very delicate in calling someone a flat out liar… but I could make that case. I will say though that he has failed Delaware and the United States.

    To be honest, I’d rather have a regular American make decisions for our country, than multimillionaire that has been bought out by Wall Street and the financial industry . I’d rather have an American who has gone through tough financial times to handle our affairs than to have someone who has been handed every bit of luxury on a silver platter. I’d rather have an American to serve Delaware in the Senate who worked her butt off through school, paid her college loans in 10 years, and sold her car and every belonging to fight for America.

    An American by the way who is 100% debt free. Are you debt free? Should we start critiquing your financial history? Have you ever missed a mortgage payment? Or a car payment? Or any kind of payment? Does that disqualify you from running for office?

    The US is trillions of dollars in debt and we have Castle who voted along with Obama to thank. We are about to loose our credit ranking. I think the public has every right to look at Castle’s records….records that have been deceitful. Delawareans will weigh that too. We will see what happens on the day of the primary.

  16. Again, the issue is NOT Christine O’Donnell’s financial problems, the issue is her continued attempts to cover up her financial problems by blaming others, parsing her words and distorting the truth.

    The public has a right to know that a candidate for US Senate is misrepresenting their record.

  17. Geezer says:

    “a good majority of Americans foreclosed or lost homes in such sales. ”

    Not true, by a country mile.

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