Three Politicians Walk Into An Issue

The first politician, Republican Congressman Mike Castle, “files legislation in the House that would give the Office of Congressional Ethics subpoena power and extend from one to two years the ban on members of Congress and some executive staffers becoming lobbyists after they leave office.”

The second politician, Democrat Chris Coons, “proposes a lifetime ban on senators becoming lobbyists after they leave office.”

The third politician, Christine O’Donnell, when her office was asked about the proposals,“hung up the phone.”

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21 Responses to Three Politicians Walk Into An Issue

  1. anon says:

    To be precise, it wasn’t the lady herself who hung up the phone.

    “When Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell’s office was contacted for a comment on the proposals, her press aide, Yates Walker, hung up the phone.”

    Hey, Christine, is that how your senatorial staff is going to operate once you win? (That’s two snickers for the price of one in that sentence!)

  2. I was precise: “when her office was asked about the proposals,“hung up the phone.””

  3. anon says:

    The third politician, Christine O’Donnell, when her office was asked about the proposals,“hung up the phone.”

    Not to quibble, but that’s not what that sentence says. Commas aren’t just points to pause at; they serve as spacers or designators for additional material, known as subordinate clauses. The idea is that you can drop a subordinate clause out of a sentence and it still reads just fine. But by taking out everything between the second set of commas, you end up with:

    The third politician, Christine O’Donnell … “hung up the phone.”

    The phrase “hung up the phone” refers not to “her office,” but to “Christine O’Donnell,” in that sentence.

    If you wanted it to read as if her office hung up the phone – which would be an impossibility, as offices don’t answer phones, people do – it should read:

    “A staffer at the office of Christine O’Donnell hung up the phone when asked about the proposals.”

    And for the point of accuracy, shouldn’t that read “A staffer at the home of Christine O’Donnell”? 😉

  4. Picayune says:

    OMG anon. And I thought I was picayune;)

  5. O'Donnell is getting better says:

    I think it is refreshing that her team is hanging up the phone instead of lying!!!

    Great job Team O’Donnell… you guys have come a long way.

  6. Citi Life says:

    Hey Jason… do you have any bank letterhead I can use? You know what I mean.

  7. anon says:

    Yes, I abhor bad grammar. So sue me.

    (Fun fact: Say “I abhor whores” 10 times fast, and you’ll end up saying “I have poor horse.”)

  8. Geezer says:

    Citi Life demonstrates, yet again, that personal attacks are all these sad people have. Hey, haters: All the personal attacks in the world, or the blogosphere, will not cure Christine O’Donnell’s allergy to gainful employment.

  9. Hube says:

    Geezer: Well, if Citi is referring DE Liberal’s Jason, it’s just battling fire with fire.

    If not, just ignore my comment. 😉

  10. Cyclone Ranger says:

    Its possible that COD’s office only takes calls from out of state, after all that’s where her support comes from.

  11. Susan says:

    Well, first of all, Ginger Gibson in the News Journal wrote that report. We do not know the full details or how she even handled the interview. She has been nothing but hostile to the Christine O’Donnell campaign and continues to misreport and underreport the O’Donnell campaign.

    Honestly, Ginger Gibson needs to be fired or have her beat covered by someone else. It is obvious who she will vote for at the ballot box, and it is yellow journalism on the black and white. Certainly, Ms. Ginger has quite a bit of work cut out to smooth things over and make amends with the O’Donnell campaign.

    My memo to Ms. Ginger: Write a blog or find a place on the opinion page, but don’t put your edge or “2 cents” in and call it journalism. Don’t pollute the black and white with even a little bit of yellow.

    In terms of the O’Donnell campaign’s position — if you were a real balanced journalist you would contact the O’Donnell campaign for yourself. I think she deserves the benefit of the doubt, especially given the hostility that Ginger has demonstrated.

    • Ohshutup says:

      The crying over Ginger is always depending on the scope of her article and you know it. The democrats loved her when she put that piece out there where Schwartzkopf railed against the Republican House (Spence-era) for the spending, but then hated her when she authored a piece that nailed some Dems. O’Donnell’s friends pretty much can’t stand her, but noted with glee when she had a piece that analyzed Castle a while back. Which the Dems happened to love, too.

      It’s not that you can’t stand her, it’s that you can’t stand her when she has a piece on the lordress Christine. Uncoincidentally, that is all too easy to do, as there is a treasure trove to pick from in cyber land. All of which is decried as false, including the governement documents complete with official stamps and seals. It’s a conspiracy by the entire US to oppress Christine!

    • Freckles says:

      I think Ginger Gibson is more honest and has better moral values than Christine NoDiploma.

    • Tennessee Walker says:

      Ginger Gibson backed up every singel assertion with a public document.
      These public documents, where Christine was shown as a dead beat, have yet to be challenged.
      Susan do you have an ounce of proof to say these public documents are wrong or fraudulent???

      It not put up or shut up.

  12. NCCConservative says:

    Gibson has been a reporter, O’Donnell has been “hostile.” I recall a Tea Party meeting where O’Donnell accused Gibson of “slander” because of the expose Gibson wrote.

    From everything I read on this blog, Gibson’s expose was right on the money, and O’Donnell is delusional.

    And Gibson did call O’Donnell’s campaign for comment, they hung up.

    • Ohshutup says:

      Yes. If it’s fact to the world, it’s slander and hate to Christine and the internet whack pack.

  13. anon says:

    If the article had indeed slandered her, you’d think that Christine would have sued. After all, we know she’s not afraid of lawsuits.

  14. Susan says:

    Okay let me clear the air because I have researched and questioned Christine.

    Christine finished all of her classes but could not receive her diploma on the day that she walked because she did not pay in full her tuition. There is actually a picture that exists of her walking. After 10 years of paying off her school loan, the credits she earned were not substantial. The President of the university, however, has agreed to award her official diploma, as she did complete the course work. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for students to take a lifetime paying off their loans. We don’t criticise them?

    Not, true. Please see the official document from XXXXXX that shows a letter from the mortgage company stating she sold her home and paid the mortgage in full.

    The IRS is capable of anything as we all should know. I think if you were to ask the public their opinion of the IRS it would be quite low. Anyway, I dug into this issue a bit deeper because I found it quite odd that a tax lien was put on her home two years after she sold it. Perhaps it is a coincidence that she runs against Joe Biden, who is now the Vice President of the United States, and that is what she gets. In any case, I have seen the IRS transcripts stating that they made an error. Christine is correct in that matter.

    So now that that’s settled, let’s get back to real issues. Personally, I think the whole Ex-Senators becoming lobbyists is not an issue that resonates with me as a voter. I don’t really care that O’Donnell campaign didn’t respond. Because I don’t care about the issue. Besides the point, Coons speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He used taxpayer dollars to hire ex Senate senior staff to become lobbyists, a measure that he proposed against. Castle, on the other extreme doesn’t care about the future of his job prospects. He’s retiring soon. I think his position is just a campaign ploy. And he too is a friend of using taxpayer dollars for ridiculous expenditures (i.e. building a turtle tunnel to cross a FL road — which was part of a package that Coons supports).

    I’m concerned about jobs and the economy. And despite Ginger’s inability to separate her personal views and news reporting, I’m sure if she had asked about Christine’s positions on jobs and the economy the campaign would not have hung up.

  15. Freckles says:


    Look up the definition if “MYTH.” #1 is NOT a “MYTH” if the President of the University has JUST agreed to give her a diploma.

    The FACT is that she LIED to us in 2006 and 2008 about being a college graduate. She would STILL be PRETENDING to have a “BA in English” if Ginger Gibson didn’t expose the TRUTH.

    And we don’t criticize people who have problems paying their loans, we criticize people who have to be taken to court to pay their loans and then LIE about it.

    CHRISTINE O’DONNELL LIED TO DELAWARE ABOUT BEING A COLLEGE GRADUATE SINCE 2006. She even LIED to the COURTS about being a college graduate in her discrimination lawsuit. She’s a LIAR like Bill Clinton, but at least Clinton had a DEGREE.

    #2 I don’t see where anyone on this blog, or in the Gibson piece, said that O’Donnell LOST HER HOME in a SHERIFF’S sale. The MYTH is your MYTH.

    #3 The LIEN against her home dated back to 2006, 2 YEARS BEFORE SHE RAN AGAINST BIDEN. So please tell Christine O’Donnell to STOP BLAMING BIDEN FOR THE LIEN, he’s an aXXXXXe but the lien is her own fault.

    Susan, thank you for trying to defend a habitual liar. But no one cares what a habitual liar thinks about jobs and the economy, because sending a habitual liar, like Christine O’Donnell to the US Senate, would be the WORST thing voters could do. She needs THERAPY, not a senate seat.

    And as for Castle, he has no “expenditures” for 2010 and 2011, he withdrew all of his earmarks. But I’m sure O’Donnell will be lying about that soon, too.

  16. Christine, did walk so technically she did graduate. She did all the work.

    The same thing happened to my own mother. She didn’t receive that piece of paper, but that did not keep my mom from running for office or applying for jobs. On her job applications she stated that she graduated because she did walk. That does not make her a lier.

    In the same token, that does not make Christine a liar. She earned her degree. Regardless, ANYONE should have the opportunity and right to run for office in America. Degree or no degree.

    I am a journalist and I have worked for ABC News. I have worked for Congress and I have done quite a bit of research on Castle and Christine. But I am also personal friend of Christine and I can tell you she is an honest, genuine person. I can speak to her character. I have known her for over 13 years. To compare her to Bill Clinton is a bit extreme. To justify Clinton’s action because he had a degree is equally extreme. I do not see the logic in your argument. The lien was an error and I have seen the physical transcript from the IRS’ conversation with Christine.

    As to Castle….ha! He has no “expenditures”? Have you looked at his record lately? Much less his spending? He voted for a $410 Billion Omnibus FY 09 with over 9,000 earmarks. Earmarks that included a tattoo removal and lobster research. He voted to keep $350 billion frivolous expenditures in the Obama stimulus bill. A bill that included a turtle tunnel, rehabilitation for Chinese prostitutes, and cell phones for habitual smokers.

    Furthermore, he voted against balancing the budget in 10 years which would have saved America $4.8 trillion. Trillions in expenditures..Voted for the $646 Billion job killing energy bill “Cap and Trade”. He voted for the over $700 TARP Wall Street bailout…

    He voted for the 26 billion supposed jobs / stimulus bill. He Voted for the $2 billon for the “Cash for Clunkers” . Voted for the $6.6. billion for the “Cash for Caulkers” home energy efficient bill. Voted for the $5.7 billion First-Amendment Stripping Volunteerism Act

    I don’t even see how he is Republican…He EVEN voted against the 2003 Bush tax cuts!

  17. Freckles says:

    When Christine O’Donnell ran for the US Senate in 2006 & 2008 did she run as “technically having a BA in English?” No. She ran as having a degree when she KNEW she didn’t. And yes, that makes her a LIAR, and so is your mother. Maybe that’s why you don’t understand that it was a lie, you grew up thinking that lying about having an education was acceptable, shame on your lying mother.

    Paying your bills is part of being a college graduate, it’s part of the education. You don’t need a degree to run for office, but you should be honest about it.

    I compared her to Bill Clinton because he LIED in a lawsuit, too, just like Christine O’Donnell.

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