Christine O’Donnell Cut A Deal To Run For Another Party

On July 15, 2010, Christine O’Donnell’s campaign put this on her website:

Kamen’s statement assumes that the liberal Mike Castle hasn’t cut a deal and would, immediately upon election, “pull a Specter” and change parties. Considering Castle’s consistent liberal voting record, such a scenario is far from wild speculation.

That statement by O’Donnell’s campaign set off a firestorm of speculation among O’Donnell’s blog network and a handful of duped conservative media, that a life long member of the Republican Party, her opponent, would jump ship and leave the GOP.

Meanwhile it was Christine O’Donnell who was courting other political parties:

The Constitution Party had nominated Republican Christine O’Donnell for the U.S. Senate after she sought their endorsement, party Chairman Pell Sherman said.

The nominations took place on July 30th in Middletown, here is the announcement:

The Constitution Party of Delaware will be holding its Convention at Bogeys-Bar and Grill, in Middletown DE. at 7pm till 10pm. On the 30th of July.

Yet on August 11th, during a radio interview in Sussex County, Christine O’Donnell was directly asked by a caller if she would still run for the Senate as a third party candidate or a write in if she lost the primary, and O’Donnell claimed that the “REAL” question was whether or not her opponent would switch parties.

The interview was less than two weeks after she sought out and received the endorsement from the Constitution Party.

The answer to that caller’s “real” question was, “Yes.”

So Christine O’Donnell, who has been on the campaign trail spreading the rumor that her opponent would “change parties,” was simultaneously trying to make sure she was on the ballot in November regardless of what party she represented.

The Constitution Party of Delaware, however, failed to beef up their statewide membership over 300 people, so their candidates will not be on the ballot.

What is that name Republicans call other Republicans who have no party loyalty and act like Christine O’Donnell?

Check out what TW at has to say about it.

And for those of you who listen to O’Donnell on the radio and are amazed at the number of people who call in to support her, she sets it all up ahead of time and even helps with what questions to ask:

Subject: Christine on with Bill Colley Today. Listen & Call in at 5pm

“Team Christine,
It’s time to mobilize ourselves. Christine will be on Bill Colley’s Radio Show today at 5pm. As we all know, as soon as the Castle camp finds out about this they will have their goons call in to trip up Christine. We need to counteract this and flood the radio station with calls. We need to ask Christine things like:

-Will she fight against Cap & Trade?
-Will she fight to repeal Obamacare?
-What votes of Mike Castle’s does she disapprove of?
-Can you explain the Disclose Act and why there is such a fuss about it?
-I heard Mike Castle is a moderate Republican, what sort of things has he voted for which makes him a moderate?
-Why are you running?
-What endorsements have you received?

Here is the call in number: 302-945-9292
Let’s light up those phones. GO TEAM CHRISTINE!!!

Good astroturf.

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17 Responses to Christine O’Donnell Cut A Deal To Run For Another Party

  1. ehhhh what’s wrong with a Democrat or a Republican being a Constitutionalist? Do you even know the platform of a Constitutionalist? I don’t see this as a big deal and I wrote a blog about it. I’m sure Christine was just trying to cover all her basis. I mean Charlie Crist broke away as an independent to keep himself on the ballot. So she gets ostracised for doing so? She has said over and over again that she a Republican and a constitutionalist. It should be to no surprise.

  2. Freckles says:

    Charlie Christ is the man that you O’Donnell worshippers call a “RINO” and compare to Castle when you’re spreading your rumors about Mike Castle changing parties. I’ve seen it on RedState and on all of the wacky O’Donnell loving websites in Delaware and out.

    You “democrats” and O’Donnell minions really want to have it both ways.

  3. Tennessee Walker says:

    democratgirl Charlie Crist IS BEING ostracized in Florida. If Rubio wins and I think he will, Crist will be toast politicly. Most Republicans and Conservatives consider Crist to be the ultimate traitor. On reflection perhaps your comparison to Christine is apt.

    • Well I’m a Democrat and I see it differently. It was a rather strategic move for him to keep himself on the ballot.

      For the Republicans, which I am not, I can see how that was the ultimate sell out. He’ll probably loose a lot of votes for that, but I can see how Democrats would vote for him. He’ll really hurt the R’s and the D’s. He’ll split the vote so there is no telling who will win that election.

      But is it a sell out when a candidate joins or considers the Constitutionalist party? Come on…that’s a smack in the face to being an American. I don’t see the big deal. Every party should believe in the Constitution.

  4. Freckles,
    I was making a point about the action not the personal views of that particular candidate.

    Also, I thought I would point out a comment from DP’s David Anderson on all of this. I think it is worth sharing to set the record straight.

    From David Anderson at DP:
    It is all meaningless. She is running for the GOP nod and is not on any other lines. For the record, I happen to be with Ms. O’Donnell when some people from the Constitution Party sought her out and not the other way around. She was not interested at the time. I have no idea what happened after the Hoffman crowd came in and can not speak to it. The Chairman may not be aware of this, but it was his party that made the first move.

    The party does have a right to nominate you without you seeking it, but you have to accept it to make it official.

    • Freckles says:

      Add it to the list of things David Anderson knows nothing about and will eventually have to apologize for, especially when he openly admits that he doesn’t know what was going on between the Constitution Party and the O’Donnell campaign once her out of state campaign staff took over.

      The bottom line: Christine O’Donnell did not say “no” to switching parties, she accepted it and then hid it while she spread rumors about Castle.

  5. Publius says:

    Hypocrisy thy name is O’Donnell.

    Or maybe “holier than thou” thy name is O’Donnell.

    Or maybe “I need to be a candidate for something, how else am I going to pay my expenses?” thy name is O’Donnell.

  6. Picayune says:

    Love the post Wanda. I too find Democrat Girl just hysterical in her justifications of O’Donnell. I have the feeling DG will be gone come September 15th.

  7. Tennessee Walker says:

    “But is it a sell out when a candidate joins or considers the Constitutionalist party? Come on…that’s a smack in the face to being an American. I don’t see the big deal. Every party should believe in the Constitution.”

    I know I am in danger of lowering my IQ by engaging in a discussion with democratgirl4christineodonnell but some of the things she says are so dumb that one feels compelled to comment.

    I guess D-girl since I believe in Democracy I should become a Democrat. Or maybe if you believe in a Republican form of Government (Which is what the U.S. is) then you should become a Republican. I think it is fair to say that everyone should believe in the Constitution but by your own twisted logic Delawareans evidently do not. There are about 600,000 registered voters in Delaware and less than 300 choose to associate themselves with the Constitution Party. So by your Democrat Girl logic that means that 599,700 voters in Delaware don’t believe in the Constitution.
    Reading your posts causes me to feel sorry for intelligent and well informed women who post here. I am sure in the back of their mind they think, “This bimbo sets the cause of women back every time she opens her mouth”.

  8. scupperjoe says:

    How does the constitutional party exist on $13.00 a day? Oh, right! Money from outside Delaware that finds its way into 1242 Presidential Drive.

  9. Christine O'Denial says:

    I deny that anything I complain about applies to how I live my life. If I complain that someone may switch parties because I thought about it in a dream, I deny that my own running for another party is a problem at all. If I complain that someone calls my supporters and staff “goons,” I deny that it is wrong for my side to do the same. I deny that avoiding Ginger Gibson is wrong, because I place myself in the very difficult situation of being on Colley’s show. It’s very hard for me to handle pressure of a show working so hard for equal representation in the political season. I deny that Colley slants his program in my favor. I deny that I must represent the state if I become a US Senator. I deny facts are facts unless I have a chance to change them first.

  10. Frustrated Republican says:

    It drives me F-ing insane that people promote her as the female second coming of a Ronald Reagan -Thomas Jefferson hybrid borg of conservative constitutional wisdom.

    She’s not. She’s a fraud. Mike Castle, love him or hate him (and I disagree with him on a lot of issues) is a Republican through and through and has another solid thing going for him: he’s not a fraud.

  11. Christine O'Denial says:

    I deny that my hired protection assaulted anyone at my quick escape from Ginger Gibson at the Founder’s Values event. I deny there was a confrontation. I deny that a video exists. What I don’t deny, which I deny is impossible, is that the GOP-goon that scared me actually ran into Evan’s non-aggressive hand. It’s on the video that I deny exists, go look. It’s clear the GOP-spy thrust his head into Evan’s non-aggressive hand. I deny that I was even there.

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