Christine O’Donnell: Birds of a Feather

Eric Erickson from exposes the shady dealings of at least one member of Christine O’Donnell’s out of state campaign team, Eric Odom. I would strongly suggest checking out the whole post at

I have been biting my tongue so hard for so long that I’m surprised I haven’t developed gangrene, but the time has come to open my mouth, or at least put fingers to the keyboard.

I have for years been shouting into the wind about those I believe are conservative charlatans abusing the money of donors, burning bridges, and making it all the more difficult for solid conservative activists to gain the trust of large conservative donors.

As I told Ken Vogel a few weeks ago, “Every movement — left, right, center or no political affiliation whatsoever — attracts its contingent of scammers and con artists and charlatans, and it takes a while for that to sort itself out . . . . And that’s why a lot of the money is still sitting on the sidelines.”

And now there is this.

Launching under the umbrella of the group Americans for New Leadership, will be led by tea party organizer Eric Odom and begin its venture with $700,000 and 70,000 members, according to a spokesman. Odom previously built conservative coalitions under the American Liberty Alliance and The Patriot Caucus. [Emphasis added]….

There is more here that particularly troubles me about this one and it all goes back to a lot of unanswered questions not from me or anyone else other than the Federal Election Commission related to ventures previously set up by Eric Odom — questions so far unanswered despite multiple letters from the Federal Election Commission seeking additional information and filings.

First there was the for profit American Liberty Alliance set up by Eric Odom. I know people, some are friends, who were employed by this organization and left without the money they were due. Neither I nor they have any idea what happened to the money….

“Abusing” contributor’s money, unpaid workers, the government trying to get documentation, sound familiar?

This doesn’t even go into the disaster that was the bus tour across America, the low turn out tea party gatherings, the RootsHQ event in Nashville that I spoke at, and the list of disasters and questionable stuff arising out of American Liberty Alliance and whatever happened to it (both factually and as a legal entity) goes on and on and on. I’m not even sure if the bus tour made it all the way across America as its web journal stopped well before its end point and its blog has now somehow become a Christine O’Donnell site, except it hasn’t been updated since June. This is all par for the course.

Other members of Christine O’Donnell’s out of state campaign team who are involved in this venture are Steven Foley and Yates Walker. Yates Walker, if you recall, was the O’Donnell campaign contact for the blast e-mail that falsely accused Congressman Mike Castle of voting for “the stimulus bill.”

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16 Responses to Christine O’Donnell: Birds of a Feather

  1. scupperjoe says:

    The gift that keeps on giving. Has Erickson ever back down from accusing Castle of pulling a Spectre?Or did he just fall back on the old “well thats what I was told”. ?

  2. UM DRR, you seem to be behind in the news. As an IE, none of them are now allowed to work on or consult with any campaign.

    As far as far the O’Donnell campaign, the latest I heard was that Odom no longer consults for them .Yates was released from the O’Donnell team in July! Over a month ago! He assisted with the press side for two weeks. Big whoop!

    Didn’t you hear that? That’s enough time for them to start their own little venture and be separate from any campaign.

    Also, Castle did blatantly vote for the Obama $26 Billion stimulus package and numerous others. HR 1 was not the only Stimulus.

    Besides the point, Erik Erickson does support Christine…..I’ve personally met him and I can tell you that is a fact.

  3. Sorry, but according to Politico, dated August 19, 2010, Yates Walker remains on the O’Donnell Campaign as a consultant:

    “…said spokesman Yates Walker, who remains a consultant on Christine O’Donnell’s U.S. Senate campaign in Delaware.”

    Or didn’t you hear? Or will you now claim that Politico is lying?

    And the O’Donnell press release that stated Castle voted for “the stimulus bill” was sent out in JULY, so your point about the recent AUGUST stimulus bill doesn’t excuse or wipe away the previous distortion from the O’Donnell Campaign.

    Just like O’Donnell possibly receiving her college degree NOW doesn’t excuse the fact that she claimed to have a college degree for the past 4 years when she did NOT.

    And you keep ending up in my spam filter, but that’s where you, and your distortions, belong. I hope she pays you well for spreading these distortions.

  4. Freckles says:

    Democratgirl thanks for letting us know that O’Donnell’s out of state freakshow minions are breaking the law by staying on her campaign.

    And DRR is right, telling the truth isn’t retroactive. O’Donnell is a filthy liar and every day more and more of her lies are exposed. Christine O’Donnell is desperate and willing to do anything for a vote, which shows a total lack of moral values and a moral compass, but that’s who she is, a moral-less, xxxxxxx liar. People should hide their children from her.

    I blame the News Journal for not vetting the liar sooner.

  5. Publius says:

    One of O’Donnell’s biggest lies (and biggest bouts of hypocrisy) may be her oft-repeated charge that Castle is a RINO. It turns out, as the News-Journal reported today, the O’Donnell actively sought the nomination of the Constitution Party.

    O’Donnell is so desperate to be a candidate (presumably so campaign contributions can continue to pay for her apartment, err… headquarters), that she’ll run as a candidate for another party. Heck, she’s not even a republican in name.

    • Picayune says:

      According to the NJ story about RINO O’Donnell:
      O’Donnell ‘s campaign did not respond to requests for comment about the nomination. ”
      Did Yates Walker hang up on the NJ again. Oh wait a minute,Walker is banned from working on campaigns.

  6. Picayune says:

    They did hide their children from her staff at the Hispanic Festival, pulling off COD stickers that her staff had stuck on their children. No vote por señora Christine O’Donnell.

  7. cookie says:

    Unlike campaign managers Kristen Murray and David Keegan who were never paid the salary owed to them by Christine O’Donnell, I bet these guys got paid up front.

  8. DRR – ha! I assure you I’m not an employee of the O’Donnell campaign. In fact, I’m a lowly freelance journalist formerly employed by ABC News and the Associated Press; I am also an independent blogger. I know bloggers and I know journalists and I have contacts inside and out.

    As far as the Politico article, I will contact that journalist and ask for the source. If Yates is volunteering his talents I don’t see how that is legally a problem. It’s a free country. However, my sources say he is no longer employed by the campaign or consulting for the campaign. Perhaps he was dismissed? Or perhaps he left to pursue this venture? I don’t know. Yates will need to defend his own. His and Odom’s actions whether good or bad, are in no way tied to the O’Donnell campaign as far as I have investigated.

    You are correct about the August Stimulus and the email blast was from the July. I was making a point that there are other stimulus packages outside HR 1 that Castle voted for.

  9. Picayune says:

    Methinks that the democratgirl4christineodonnell doth protest too much.

  10. anon says:

    she defaulted on her mortgage in 2008 then she got smarter and started paying her rent and utilities with campaign contributions before the greenville place townhouse it was $770 a month for her row home on lincoln st that she was renting from her boyfriend who bought the house from her so she could run against biden

    why does a citizen politician choose the richest zip code in the state to live in

  11. Picayune says:

    This is a hoot. Christine O’Donnell meeting with the Other McCain by the pool at the Venetian in Las Vegas in late July on video.

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