Christine Relates A Zany Yarn

I want to be a Senator! Waaaaaaaa!

Why would any candidate think they could get away with this? Christine O’Donnell sunk to new lows today when she blasted out an e-mail stating that Congressman Mike Castle voted for “the stimulus bill”:

Castle has voted for the stimulus bill…

Any American, upon hearing the words “THE STIMLUS BILL,” would first think of the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the $787 billion dollar package brought to us by the Obama Administration. If you Google “the stimulus bill” the first two pages of results, which was as far as I bothered to go, were all links to pages about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Congressman Mike Castle, though, voted AGAINST The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The Congressman also voted against the bill that was supposed to “stimulate” employment, called The American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010, or “The Jobs Bill.” I could probably go back far enough to find a stimulus bill that the Congressman voted for, but then I could also spend the rest of the evening looking up definitions of the word “is” too. One more thing, when you click the link O’Donnell supplies as evidence of Castle’s stimulus vote, the article doesn’t say anything about the stimulus bill. The word “stimulus” isn’t in that article at all. Not once.

K-so next I noticed that O’Donnell’s e-mail blast has the name “Yates Walker” as the contact. Yates Walker just happens to be the former campaign manager for Rick Barber, the far right wing fringe Candidate from Alabama who recently got flattened in a primary run off election. Barber is infamous for THIS campaign advertisement.

Just what a candidate with a history of losing general elections by wide margin, a 45 to 1 funding disadvantage, and a huge loss at the Republican State Convention needs, a key campaign staffer who approved that video. Walker was also part of the NY-23 election where the Democrat was handed the seat after national right wing groups, blogs and politicians deemed the Republican not conservative enough, (sound familiar?), and threw the election out the window for the rest of us who just wanted to get one seat closer to ousting the reckless Democratic House majority.

O‘Donnell must realize her dreams of Senate votes, unicorns, TV appearances as a Senator, a flush bank account and “flowery meadows and rainbow skies, and rivers made of chocolate, where the children dance and laugh and play with gumdrop smiles,” are slipping away if she has to stoop to this level.

Boy, is this going to be an interesting primary season.

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39 Responses to Christine Relates A Zany Yarn

  1. Wanda Maximoff says:

    “Castle has voted for the stimulus bill,” was just the biggest whopper in that email blast.

    O’Donnell also states, “Christine O’Donnell received nearly 40% of the vote in her run for Delaware’s US Senate seat,” which is technically true, she received 35.3% of the vote, I’m assuming she thinks that “.3%” gives her the credibility to say “nearly 40%.” She doesn’t mention that Biden won by the biggest margin of his political career against her.

    She also says, “…speculation has already begun as to whether Castle will leave the Republican party and run as an independent as Charlie Crist has done in the Florida Senate Race after losing to Marco Rubio,” and yes it has, by one out of state blog that went out on a limb and endorsed her.

    The big difference is that Christ was losing in primary polling and Castle is winning in every single poll conducted on the race, won handily at the Convention, and has a favorability rating in Delaware that most politicians would kill for.

    And before the far right wing starts whining about NY-23, just remember, the Democrat who was handed that seat voted for the health care bill, and voted against the Stupak amendment which would have prohibited federal funding for abortions. Nice job.

    For the record, Mike Castle voted against the health care bill and for the Stupak Amendment (I felt the need to say that before O’Donnell sent out a e-mail claiming otherwise).

  2. Republican David says:

    A major correction, the so called Republican was backed by ACORN and the most left wing unions and was to the left of the Democrat. The Conservative candidate was poised to win except it was the Dede the commie lib who fought to elect the Democrat which was her right as an American. The point is the Conservatives did not give that seat to the Democrats, the liberal wing of the Republican party worked overtime to do that by endorsing and campaigning for the Democrat and barely handing the election over.

    Get it straight or do I have to link the press accounts to remind you?

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      She was “backed by ACORN” (working families) in 2008 because she ran unopposed.

    • pandora says:

      See… even when the tea party candidate loses it wasn’t their fault. They would have won if not for the commie-libs and the liberal wing of the GOP.

      In fact, the Tea Party should start rehearsing that sentence… We would have won if not for the commie-libs and the liberal wing of the GOP. I’m thinking we’re gonna be hearing that a lot.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      BTW, David, LINK IT.

  3. Republican David says:

    The guy is referring to a small stimulus bill, I agree it is disingenious and needs to clarified and dropped. There is so many controversial the votes the Congressman has taken there is no need mischaracterize any still this is not a major release I doubt you can put this on her. Slap the guy’s wrist for not footnoting and move on.

    That said, I wouldn’t get too uptight about it. This is not an ad, release, or mailer. It is just an internal campaign email. I doubt one of the 5000 or however many recipients she has, is going to look at his email and see that one line and say I signed up for O’Donnell’s email list but now I am a big supporter because of one line in the last 100 emails. I wasn’t sure before but this line changes everything. The truth is the Congressman gives more of the impression that he supported the stimulus at the signings than an O’Donnell staffer in a single email to supporters ever could.

    If there is an image problem, talk with the Congressman.

    It is time for an honest debate of the issues that will do more to clear up misconceptions than anything. The Congressman has a lot of strengths. Let’s see them on display.

    My views are my own.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      The only “misconceptions” out about Castle’s voting record are the ones being put out by Christine O’Donnell.

      Too bad she can’t be honest.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      “The guy is referring to a small stimulus bill…”

      What “small stimulus bill” is “the guy” referring to exactly? The statement is clear and undeniable, except to the intentionally blind. When someone says “THE STIMULUS BILL” they are referring to the $787 trillion dollar American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. I made that point as clear as an unmuddied lake.

      And it’s not “the guy’s” e-mail, it’s an e-mail from the Christine O’Donnell for Senate Campaign, and it contains a falsehood.

  4. Republican David says:

    Wanda, the “Republican” nominee in the NY-23 actually campaigned for the hcr bill while the lying Democrat who won said he would vote against it. By being able to have a unified front against the bill, it energized the country and the party. If Dede would have won, the bill would have still had the same number of votes, but it would have diluted the entire message of the party, made the seat vulnerable for a loss instead of a likely pick up. The fact is according to the polls all she had to do was stay quiet and we would have won the seat. We were a lot better off without her.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      Dede Scozzafava on Health care, in her own words:
      “The first thing is do I believe there’s a need for reform? Yes,” said Mrs. Scozzafava, citing the large numbers of uninsured people and shortage of top-notch doctors in the north country.

      In a telephone interview, Mrs. Scozzafava lamented the high cost of lawsuits and lack of competition in the health-care industry. She said tort reform and competition are her top priorities, a popular refrain among Republicans who are uncomfortable with a public option.

      Ms. Scozzafava said she opposes requiring people to have health insurance. The problem with most of the health care overhauls she is aware of, she said, is that they seem to shift costs rather than reduce them.

      “There’s not enough that deals with the escalating cost,” she said. “At the end of the day, I think the problem is still there.”

      That is why, Ms. Scozzafava said, she wants to focus on tort reform and improve competition.

      “If you can focus on the cost, you can solve the problem,” she said.

      For people who cannot obtain insurance through employers, Ms. Scozzafava said, she favors a tax credit to help people can buy their own insurance.

      And here is Dede at a candidates forum:

      During the forum, Scozzafava and Hoffman, an accountant, answered about a dozen questions about health care.

      Scozzafava said several times that while rising health-care costs need to be contained, she does not see the need to totally revamp the system.

      “I don’t see what the rush is,” she said.

      “I think before we drastically overhaul the system we need to find some common ground to control costs.”


      So no, it doesn’t look like she “actually campaigned for the hcr bill” at all. Another swing and a miss from Republican David.

  5. MichaelStafford says:

    Wanda, why do you expect truth and honesty from the campaign of a lady who had to be pursued across the country by her undergrad university over unpaid student loans?

    David, why do you endlessly defend the indefensible?

  6. MM says:

    How about instead of attacking Christine, you ask Congressman Castle why he won’t debate her? I don’t care if he thinks she’s not a viable candidate, it’s his democratic duty as an elected official, a public servant, to debate a challenger in a primary. There is a reason why he won’t face her, why he won’t face his constituents in an honest debate.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      MM maybe he won’t debate her because she has no credibility and she lies about his record. This e-mail from her campaign is proof of that.

    • MichaelStafford says:

      What a farce, not debating Christine in no way equates to not facing constituents.

  7. MM says:

    I don’t care who you are or what your political affiliation is, anyone running for public office is obligated to debate a challenger. Period. There’s a reason why she’s challenging him. Maybe it’s his liberal voting record, maybe it’s because he sponsors bills like Disclose, maybe it’s because he won’t fight to repeal Obamacare. I’m sure Christine isn’t the only person wondering these things. He’s obligated to answer some questions.

    • MichaelStafford says:

      “anyone running for public office is obligated to debate a challenger. Period.”

      According to whom? Why debate a person who at best will get maybe 30% of the primary vote in September. You can criticize Castle for some things, but not for ignoring his constituents- he’ll meet with just about anybody and his office is easy to get in touch with.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      No, MM, he’s NOT “obligated to debate a challenger.” He faced O’Donnell at the Convention and won the state party’s endorsement by a wide margin.

      O’Donnell, in response, has called him names and lied about his voting record. She’s not credible enough to stand on a stage with Castle OR Coons.

      And the only people calling for a debate are O’Donnell’s supporters, the other 99.999% of Republicans in the state of Delaware don’t care.

      Maybe Glen Urquhart will debate her.

  8. jason330 says:

    The funny part is, in the long run, it hurts Castle to have voted against our economic recovery.

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      You can put up ARRA road signs all day long but unless the people reading them feel financially secure and secure in their employment, it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

  9. jason330 says:

    The good news: Mike Castle is in free fall. Crashing from 90% likely to win to 64% likely.

  10. Jason330 says:

    I’m going to laugh my ass ass when you have to hold your nose and vote for Pristine Christine in November.

    Castle has crashed from “Safe Republican” to “Likely Republican” to “Leans Republican” in the space of three months.

    Castle’s current high profile gun control Jihad, might be the tipping point Christine O’Whackjob needs.

  11. Wanda Maximoff says:

    I don’t know who “Pristine Christine” is, no one in the race fits that description.

  12. Jason330 says:

    Whistling past the graveyard.

  13. Wanda Maximoff says:

    Yes, a graveyard full of people who though they could beat Mike Castle in an election…

  14. Jason330 says:

    Okay. Let’s assume you are right. Castle beats O’Donnell in the primary.

    Has Castle moved too far to the right in order to head off O’Whackjob?

    Do O’Whackjob voters stay home in November to protest Mike’s Rinocity?

    There are still ways a pysched up wingnut brigade can hurt the GOP’s golden boy.

  15. Wanda Maximoff says:

    No. No. And, all 15 of them?

  16. Castle’s support has shown some signs of erosion because, first, he’s under constant fire from his right flank; second because he has not begun to campaign yet. Once O’Donnell is gone, the first problem will vanish. I expect Castle will fix the second problem shortly.

    One note of caution to the Castle folks. A small swing makes a big difference. Remember this primary will be decided by a group of people not big enough to sell out most NHL arenas. A couple of thousand people can make all the difference, especially energized conservatives like some around here who really don’t like Mike Castle all that much.

    I don’t normally advocate using a sledgehammer to kill an ant. But it might be the right thing to do here. It may be time for Mr. Castle to bring some of that $3 million to bear and put the O’Donnell campaign out of it’s misery.

  17. cookie says:

    It’s no surprise that O’Donnell lies yet again. Have you looked at her Wikipedia page lately? It has changed from “graduated Farleigh Dickinson” to “did the work for the degree.” A bunch of other changes to it also. I guess someone advised her that she shouldn’t have those lies out there because it could come back to bite her in the ass.

  18. Jason330 says:

    “It may be time for Mr. Castle to bring some of that $3 million to bear and put the O’Donnell campaign out of it’s misery.”

    Sure. If he wants to look like he is afraid of a crazy nit wit.

  19. Smythington says:

    This race, and the House contest, are going to come down to northern New Castle County vs. west-central Sussex County. The Castle-Rollins-Lavelle-moderate-Chateau-Country-preppy-elites vs. the O’Donnell-Urquhart-Bodenweiser-reactionary-Laurel-Millsboro-rednecks-&-farmers.

    Both sides have drunk the Kool-Ade, so there’s no use trying to reason with either. Victory is a simple equation: whichever bloc drives the most voters to the polls wins. So which will we see the most of at the voting booths in September – limos or hay wagons?

  20. anontoo says:

    Did somebody just call Greg Lavelle a moderate? Did lightning strike?

    • MichaelStafford says:

      Yes… to some, anyone to the left of Budweiser, Urquhart, or O’Donnell or who is not a member of of one of the various “Patriot” movement groups is now a “moderate.”

      Back to the original comment— nobody writing on this site is a member of the “Chateau-Country-preppy-elites” nor are the vast majority of their supporters that I know. That said, I might just have to rent a limo for the trip over to Brick Mill ES to vote for Michele and Mike just to keep my image up.

      Oh, and Urquhart is as “elite” as any candidate running in this race– dude lives in a multimillion dollar mansion complete with a freakin’ elevator in it and yet had the nerve to tell us at the convention that he was “middle class.” Pleassssssseeeeee

  21. It has nothing to do with being afraid of a “crazy nit wit.” And as lousy a campaign as she has run, Jason; you would not last three minutes in a debate with Christine O’Donnell before you would be cursing up a storm in frustration. She is a very bright, articulate woman.

    As long as she is on the ballot in a race where the total electorate is less than a day’s attendence at Punkin Chunkin, she is potentially dangerous to Castle, because even a swing of 2,000 votes on a rainy day can make all the difference. I’m not suggesting he should debate her or even run an attack ad. Just that getting some positive campaign ads up on television would probably be a good idea.

  22. jason330 says:


    I agree w/ the 2,000 vote margin. Have you read the item in Politco? If Christine manages to get the celebrity con artist, Sarah Palin to endorse her, Castle is toast.

    As for this…
    ” Jason; you would not last three minutes in a debate with Christine O’Donnell before you would be cursing up a storm in frustration.”

    Sexual frustration…ah yeah…that’s right….you know what like….

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